If You Have a Big Family, You’ll Want to Steal This Grandkid Photo Idea

June 23, 2017 - photo frame

If your family has been, ahem, bustling with creation babies, we know that it isn’t easy to take any family photo, let alone a good one.

Which is overtly what creates a photo of Chrissy Roussell’s parents’ 17 grandkids, wearing color-coded, numbered t-shirts to uncover a 6 family units and birth order, all a some-more enchanting — a children (15 girls and dual boys!) are all looking brazen with their arms around any other, smiling peacefully into a camera. Eleven of those children are underneath age 5. Oy.

Surprisingly, though, gnawing a print — taken by Roussell’s sister-in-law, Katie Fox, a photographer behind Annabelle Rose Photography — wasn’t a challenge. “When we were backing them adult for a picture, we shouted out any series and any child proudly marched down to his or her spot, smiling ear-to-ear,” Roussell, a blogger, told GoodHousekeeping.com. “It was indeed flattering easy to get a littlest ones to mount still, since they were so happy to be a partial of all a excitement!”

Their honour has a intense backstory — a frame-worthy photo, taken on a family beach outing with Roussell’s mother, 5 siblings, their spouses and offspring, was a covenant to her parents’ bequest and a souvenir of a lives they’ve done possible. In backing adult in their shirts (crafted by Roussell’s sister, Maryellen) to showcase their flourishing family, a children were also profitable loyalty to their grandfather, who upheld divided 3 years ago.

During a month after her dad’s death, Roussell, already a mom of 3 girls, became profound with extemporaneous triplet girls (kids 13-15!) — her nephews,16 and 17, were also recognised during that month. The family calls these kids a “Frederick Five,” after their dear dad.

“The print is an extraordinary visible of a expansion of the family. It reflects so clearly my parents’ adore for any other, in that all 17 kids are such funny, courteous small people,” Roussell said. “We cruise this — these kids — to be my dad’s biggest legacy.”

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