Hubble picture captures Jupiter and 3 moons in singular frame

February 6, 2015 - photo frame

WASHINGTON, Feb. 5 (UPI) — Jupiter hosts 67 reliable moons, a largest lunar portfolio in a solar system. But even with so many moons, it’s singular that a handful are all in a same place during once.

Last month, a Hubble Space Telescope held one of these singular moments on camera. A image of Jupiter suggested 3 of a gas giant’s 4 largest moons — Io, Europa and Callisto — any creation their approach opposite a planet’s striped surface. Only Ganymede is missing.

Scientists contend saying 3 of a 4 moons corroborated by Jupiter’s heat is something usually happens once or twice a decade.

Perhaps a many intriguing of a 3 moons appearing in a latest image is Europa. Any icy satellite that scientists contend approaching facilities salty, churning oceans underneath a solidified outdoor crust. NASA’s newest bill offer has offering a immature light to skeleton for drifting a examine goal to Europa.

Hubble is jointly managed by NASA and a European Space Agency. The James Webb Space Telescope, a next-generation look-out and Hubble’s successor, is approaching to launch in 2018.

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