How to Turn a Regular Photo Frame into an Extraordinary Serving Tray

October 14, 2015 - photo frame

DIY print support trayTurning a photo frame into a portion tray is a DIY-er’s dream. Not usually can we renovate a normal support into a singular square of home decor, we can also indeed use it for a accumulation of purposes, and make use of an aged object that competence differently finish adult in a dump. From a cocktail tray to a musical tray for knickknacks, that print support isn’t only for looking flattering anymore.

Here’s how to arrange an darling photo frame tray that’s ideal for holding all of your flattering things.

Photo Frame-Tray DIY

Find a ideal frame. Perhaps you’ve already selected a support you’re concerned to renovate into a cold tray. If not, confirm what we wish from a tray before we name a frame. Is it for fibbing on an ottoman or a dresser? If it’s going to lay on a prosaic surface, be certain a behind of a support won’t poise a problem. Your best gamble is to select a wall support rather than a table-top-frame so that it’ll distortion prosaic on a list once you’ve incited it into a tray.

Another tip: confirm on a size. we wanted something roomier than an 8 x 10, so we found an 11 x 14 support that served my purpose.

  1. Find a ideal handles. You can mostly find these during preservation stores or antique shops. we motionless to repurpose handles from an aged cabinet.
  2. Measure and drill. Measure it out so that a handles are ideally aligned, symbol a drilling targets and cavalcade a handles into place.
  3. Now have fun! Turn a tray into a personalized square of home taste by framing anything we love, like a tea towel, musical paper or a print collage.

Find a Home For It

Now we can use your photo-frame tray for only about anything, like cocktails, a bedside tray or for breakfast in bed.

I’ve already put cave to good use for portion tea…

DIY print tray

…and as a TV tray

DIY print tray

…and as a dining room list centerpiece

DIY print tray

…and as a dresser-top valuables holder.

DIY print tray

What will we do with your darling new square of home decor?

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