How to Refinish a Picture Frame with Paint and Fabric

August 3, 2015 - photo frame

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Refinish a Picture Frame with Paint and Fabric

Published on Aug 3rd, 2015
by Julie Finn


Refinish a Picture Frame with Paint and FabricLovely cinema merit lovely frames.

Sure, we can buy new frames and compensate to have your cinema tangled and mounted in them, but–and feel giveaway to call me crazy for this opinion–I don’t unequivocally like a demeanour of professionally tangled pictures.

Even with all a pad house colors in a universe and any character of support underneath a sun, they all usually demeanour kind of a same to me, we know?

I have it as my goal to mountain and support all of my cinema myself, and to make them demeanour good. we preservation all a design frames that we use, and veneer them with uninformed paint, and we mountain all my cinema regulating fabric instead of pad board. Fabric is what we have on hand, of course, though we consider that a textures and patterns in fabric contrariety most some-more interestingly with a cinema than plain pad house does.

If we wish to give it a try, here’s how we veneer a design support and mountain a design on tip of fabric instead of pad board:

You will need:

thrifted design frameLook for one that’s during slightest an in. wider than your design on any side, and when in doubt, go incomparable rather than smaller. we keep a consistent surveillance for well-built wooden design frames, a some-more elaborate and surprising a better. Don’t worry about dings and scratches, since you’ll repair those later.

wood putty. Here’s how you’ll repair those dings and scratches!

cleaning solutions. Sometimes a potion in my thrifted design frames is unequivocally grubby. Usually, I’ll flow some true vinegar on and let it lay until a grunge is loose, though I’m not antithetic to resorting to something like Goo Gone in a genuine emergency.

primer and paint. Choose zero-VOC options, of course, and select a no-sand choice for a primer, since lovable frames mostly have fiddly pieces that you’re not going to be means to sand. we use this Zinsser Bulls Eye as my go-to primer, and any indoor paint that we like. You’ll notice, for instance, that pretty most all that I’ve embellished in a final year has been line-up grey, though I’m roughly out of that now, and thereafter I’m going to make myself select something different. Maybe a navy blue?

upcycled unbending cardboard, or a frame’s strange card backing. 

hot glue gun, fabric scissors, ruler, acid-free double-sided tape, etc.

fabric. Choose a square that’s, again, during slightest an in. wider that your card subsidy on all sides, and have a lot of fun personification with textures and patterns to select one that complements your design and frame.

Refinish a Picture Frame with Paint and Fabric

1. Refinish a design frameThis step is surprisingly easy, deliberation how different, and how GOOD, a design support is going to demeanour afterwards. First, purify a support off with a damp cloth, since if you’ve thrifted it, thereafter it’s filthy.

Second, take a unequivocally tighten demeanour during a frame. Find any singular dwarfed little ding and scratch, and fill any singular one in with a little dab of timber putty on your finger. Seriously, get them all, since even if they’re not conspicuous during all now, they might good be after a support is painted. we missed a integrate of dings on that smaller support since they were scarcely invisible, though now that a support is grey, we can see those spots unequivocally well. Well, during slightest *I* can…

Put a integrate of coats of authority on a frames (I used my paint sprayer on a frames in this photo, though we embellished them with a paint brush, so possibly choice is fine), thereafter a integrate of coats of paint. If your support has a lot of fiddly bits, it’s improved to paint on several unequivocally skinny coats of paint rather than usually a integrate of thicker coats–that’s a best approach to make certain that paint doesn’t get caked into those strict little curves.

Refinish a Picture Frame with Paint and Fabric2. Prepare a fabric backing. If we can use a frame’s strange card subsidy for this, thereafter go for it, though if a subsidy is stained or non-existent, thereafter it’s easy to make a new one. Grab a square of stout cardboard–shipping boxes are good for this–and use a design frame’s potion front as a template to cut out a new card back.

Wrap pieces of fabric around this backing, thereafter lay your design over it, until we find a color, pattern, and hardness that we like. In these sold photos, I’m framing some fanart that we bought during a recent Comic Con. For a imitation of Hermione with her books and wand, we chose a square of plain unbleached canvas. For a imitation of a fantastical My Little Pony palace and a stylized Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, we chose white flannel with pinkish stars.

Refinish a Picture Frame regulating Paint and FabricIron your fabric REALLY well, thereafter lay it facedown. Place a card subsidy on tip of it, and trim a fabric around it, withdrawal about an in. additional on all sides.

Working usually on about a integrate of inches during a time to keep a prohibited glue from solidifying, lay down a ribbon of glue nearby a corner of a card backing, thereafter lift a fabric adult and over and glue it down. Continue until a whole square of fabric is glued to a behind of a cardboard.

3. Clean a potion front. Make certain it’s 100% squeaky clean! My foolproof process for cleaning potion and mirrors is to spritz on true vinegar from a mist bottle, thereafter purify it off regulating crumpled newspaper. Keep regulating some-more dry, crumpled newspaper, and a potion will come purify but any streaks, smudges, or lint.

Refinish a Picture Frame regulating Paint and Fabric4. Assemble a picture. Center a design on a front of a fabric-covered backing, and use a ruler to get it totally perfect. we use a integrate of little pieces of acid-free double sided fasten to thereafter secure a behind of a design to a fabric-covered backing.

Assemble all a pieces, and don’t forget to give a framed design a unequivocally good inspection before we secure it shut–somehow a initial time we do this, we always finish adult carrying to take it detached to rescue a square of foam or wandering cat hair.

These sold framed cinema are now happily in their places, Princesses Celestia and Luna in a children’s bedroom, and Hermione subsequent to a home library bookshelves, of course. I’m going preservation selling for frames again tomorrow, since we took some unequivocally lovable photos this summer that need to be displayed.

And maybe some of these frames will finish adult navy blue!

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