How to make print frames regulating usually washi tape

July 3, 2016 - photo frame

Stick around

There is zero improved than decorating a walls of your bedroom (or elsewhere) with some of your favourite photos of your friends, family and personal memories.

But instead of only regulating blue hook to do a pursuit of adhering to a wall, because not use or deposit in some musical washi tape?

Cheap, easy to use and straightforwardly available, washi fasten can come in a accumulation of opposite colours, patterns and designs, that can be used to emanate your possess personalised, print frames.

If we have run out of print frames, or space on a seat to column and hang your pictures, these rapid craft print frames are prepared to fill that void!

You will need:

  • Photos
  • Blue hook (or another form of glue if you’d prefer)
  • Patterned washi tape
  • Scissors
  • How to make your frames

    Step 1
    Firstly position your comparison photos on a wall and start to hang in to place with a small blue hook in any corner.

    Step 2
    Using your washi fasten and scissors, start to hang strips of washi fasten around any side of a print to emanate a frame.

    Step 3
    Cut any ruins of washi fasten to diminution any overlaps for a clean, cut dilemma of a frame.

    Step 4
    Apply to all your photos to emanate an array of singly framed cinema on your wall.

    A good thing about this craft, is a washi fasten can support photos of many sizes and shapes so because not try slicing your photos into opposite shapes to emanate a sundry arrangement on your wall. Maybe diamonds, triangles or even stars!

    It doesn’t only have to stop during a bedroom walls; because not support childhood memories and photos with a washi fasten on your fridge or freezer to lighten adult your kitchen!

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