How to Make a Candy Wrapper Picture Frame

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Candy Wrapper Picture Frame

Published on Jun 1st, 2015
by Julie Finn


Candy Wrapper Picture Frame

Candy wrappers do have one saving quality: they’re so cute!

Candy wrappers tend to be colourful and flattering and musical in a approach that a lot of other rabble isn’t, that creates them good possibilities for upcycling, even if we don’t routinely eat a lot of candy.

We DON’T eat a lot of candy, and nonetheless my child unequivocally wanted her ninth birthday celebration to be candy-themed, we still attempted to keep it toned-down candy-wise, giving a celebration a “feel” of carrying a lot of candy without, we know, carrying a lot of candy.

One of my choices was to have NO individually-wrapped candies. Not usually does that usually devalue a waste, though we also did not wish to spend a subsequent year entrance on tiny candy wrappers all over a residence and yard.

Therefore, during a finish of a party, we finished adult with a few of these incomparable wrappers, rather than a million smaller ones:

Candy Wrapper Picture Frame

However, in this candy coupling pattern support that I’m going to make as a celebration commemoration for my kid, we can of march use a smaller wrappers. Just remember that nonetheless these 5 bags were adequate for one support for me, with usually a tiny rubbish leftover, you’ll need to measure some-more than 5 tiny bags of candy for your possess frame.

Here’s what else you’ll need:

  • mat board. we like pad house a best, since it’s designed for this usage, though unequivocally thick cardboard–think corrugated–will also work well. Thinner card won’t work as well, since it’ll wish to diverge when you’re perplexing to get your candy wrappers taut.
  • cutting mat, x-acto knife, rotary cutter, ruler, etc. This is usually me, though a some-more pell-mell my materials are, a some-more structured we like a pattern to be. So we cut my wrappers into strips precisely 1″ wide. If we don’t caring about that, afterwards we can freehand your strips with usually scissors.
  • tape. Regular Scotch fasten is indeed a best glue for this project. When you’re sleepy of your frame, we can flay off a wrappers, toss them with a tape, and recycle a card frame.

1. Cut a pad house to size. You can do this for any size, though we started with an 8″x10″ pad board, and cut a 5″x7″ rectangle into a center. Do we know how to do a math for this? Subtraction is your friend! Here’s a formula:

(mat house length-picture length)/2

Measure that from both ends, mark, and pull together lines during that measurement on a behind side of your pad board. Turn a pad house ninety degrees and repeat, and you’ll have drawn a rectilinear box that we need to cut out.

Use a pointy x-acto blade (and afterwards substantially reinstate it again when you’re done, since pad play are ruin on x-acto knives!) to cut out that rectangle, and you’ll have done your pattern window:

Candy Wrapper Picture Frame

2. Cut a candy wrappers to size. Wash and dry them well, afterwards cut divided a seams and cut any candy coupling into strips.

3. Wrap  the corners of a support first. Cut a coupling support that’s accurately a breadth of a pad house frame.

For any candy coupling strip, you’ll initial fasten one dilemma to a behind of a frame, afterwards hang it around a front of a support and fasten it again to a back. With these dilemma strips, however, you’ll be taping one dilemma to a behind of a frame, flush with a edge, jacket it around a front of a frame, and taping it there:

Candy Wrapper Picture Frame

You’ll be overlapping it with other strips later, though this will cover those wonky corners:

4. Wrap a rest of a frameContinue to fasten strips to a behind of a frame, hang them around a front to a back, and fasten them to a behind until a whole support is lonesome with candy coupling strips:

Candy Wrapper Picture Frame

5. Add a photoI put together a print collage of a kid’s birthday celebration regulating a digital pattern program, creation it 5″x7″ though centering it onto an 8″x10″ page. After copy it, we embellished off 1/4″ from all sides, afterwards done certain that a print was centered ideally in a celebrity and taped it down.

You can put this into another blurb print frame, if you’d like, though we’re kind of minimalists, and we consider it looks lovable on a wall usually a approach it is.

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