How to Create a Stunning Gallery Wall With Your Own Photos

February 10, 2017 - photo frame

If a thought of building a gallery wall exhausts you, we have that in common. The whole routine — from collecting and framing a art to executing a designation — felt strenuous when we attempted it on my own. It wasn’t until Simply Framed asked me to try a new Print Frame use that we finally got over my gallery-wall phobia.

Here’s How a Print Frame Service Works

  • You start by uploading a imitation from Facebook, Instagram, Dropbox, Google Drive, or your computer. From here, we have a choice to stand a imitation or leave it as is.
  • In seconds, Simply Framed analyzes your imitation and lets we know what distance imitation would work best, so we don’t have to worry about your Instagram imitation looking grainy if we name a distance that is too big.
  • Next, we select a support and confirm either or not we wish a matte. Its cold practical apparatus allows we to see what your imitation looks like with all of a framing and matting options by a website. This step is so most fun!
  • Once we squeeze your framed photo, it’s professionally printed on Moab Lasal Photo Matte 230 paper and shipped giveaway of assign along with unresolved hardware and instructions. The whole turnaround routine usually takes 5 to 6 days.

What Happens If You Get Stuck

While we found a technical routine of uploading images and selecting sizes, framing, and matting unequivocally straightforward, we really indispensable some palm holding when it came to creation final decisions. This is where Simply Framed’s patron use comes in handy. Like during a normal brick-and-mortar support shop, we wanted an consultant to import in on selecting frames that would element a photos first. Simply Framed CEO and owner Dara Segal insists this is a pivotal to ensuring we adore a square in any room for years to come. Dara suggests skipping a matte for scenic photos we don’t wish to confuse from (like a dual sea cinema we snapped while traveling) and creation personal photos smaller. After emailing a imitation of my vacant wall with dimensions, Dara even helped me come adult with a blueprint for my gallery wall. If we get stuck, we can email, present message, or enter questions into your sequence and Simply Framed will respond with advice. They also inspect any order, and if they feel a patron done a choice about matting or support character that they would do differently, they’ll give a recommendation as well.

What It Costs

Prices start during $65 for an 8″x10″ imitation and tip during $200 for a 30″x40″ print. For sizing context, my dual sea shots but mattes were both 30″x40″, my wedding design was 16″x20″, and my dual smaller photos were both 11″x11″. Considering that a ocean imitation we purchased during One Kings Lane (top right) retails for $289, a Print Frame use can be a some-more affordable approach to obtain high-quality, large-scale art.

If formulating a gallery wall or only copy and framing some of your favorite photos has prolonged been on your to-do list, Simply Framed could be a resolution you’ve been looking for.

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