How to modify your strange Surface RT into an HD Digital Photo Frame

January 21, 2016 - photo frame

In a initial partial of this array we shared some ideas on how to repurpose your comparison tablets as delegate entrance inclination for all kinds of digital information including recipes, music, cinema and television.

In this follow adult to that essay we wish to share with we how we incited my aged Surface RT into an HD Digital Photo Frame.

I recently upgraded my mother to a Surface 2 for her infrequent expenditure activities and that means her Surface (RT) was now holding adult space on that storage shelf we mentioned earlier. Through a elementary routine we have incited that Surface into a digital print support and given it connects to a WiFi network and uses a possess Microsoft Account we can upload images to a designated folder from any of my other inclination that will afterwards be picked adult and shown on a screen.

With a Surface regulating Windows 8.1 a initial suspicion for carrying a slideshow seem on a device would be to use that underline on a Lockscreen. However, that means displaying a date and time on a shade as well. we cite that a perspective of those images be cleaner and we also wanted to retard infrequent entrance to a complement itself and Windows 8.1 provides a good underline to close down any comment on a device so it can usually run one app.

So here is how we set adult a Surface as a new family digital print frame. Note: we do have a gallery of images to uncover we vital interlude points along this process (opens in a new frame) that will assistance with your orientation as we go by this process.

1. Create a singular Microsoft Account that we can supplement to a Surface. You need a MSA in sequence to download a digital print from a Windows Store and to have entrance to OneDrive for accessing a images to be displayed.

2. Add a new MSA on a Surface while logged in with a systems stream Admin comment during PC settingsAccountsOther accounts. Once it is combined we will need to record into a new comment so a form can be setup. After setup is finish there is no need to worry about customizing anything given a device is going to be used with one singular app in kiosk mode.   For palliate of entrance go forward and allot a PIN to this comment for logging into a device with this account.

3. Open a Windows Store underneath your new comment and download Picture Frame Slideshow. we tested several digital support apps and this one seemed to yield a best results. It also has a Jumble arrangement mode that deals with all demeanour of picture sizes and resolutions so that eliminates any squeezed or stretched images.

4. Next activate OneDrive for your new MSA combined in Step 1. Once this is setup we should now have a OneDrive folder in File Explorer. Open that base folder adult and emanate a folder named Photo Frame. This is where a cinema for your digital print support will be stored.  You can go forward and batch it adult now from outmost inclination or websites such as Facebook. Remember a thought here is to cycle by photos over time and not emanate one singular repository. Otherwise, it will take hours for your images to be shown off and that defeats a purpose of carrying a digital print support that shows we a latest images. Once this folder is combined we can simply entrance this accounts OneDrive storage around a web on any of your other inclination and add/remove images to modernise what is being shown on a screen.

5. Open adult a Picture Frame Slideshow app now to get it setup. Expect a shade to be black as this is normal given there are no picture folders comparison yet. Swipe in on a right side of a Surface to open adult a Charms and afterwards name Settings. Here we wish to Select opposite folder and collect that Photo Frame folder we combined in OneDrive.  Click Choose this folder and afterwards OK. You afterwards need to name Transition between pictures: Jumble and afterwards set a Delay between pictures: we find that 5 seconds works good though we can personalize this to your taste. Swipe in from a right side of a shade twice and we will see a print support in movement if there are already images in a Photo Frame folder that we combined progressing on OneDrive.

6. Turn off all notifications for this comment in PC settingsSearch and appsNotifications and afterwards spin a volume down given there is no reason for sound to come out of your digital print frame.

You can go forward and record out of a special MS Account we only set adult and record behind into a admin comment on a Surface.

The subsequent step is to set adult a new MS Account for reserved access.

1. Open adult PC settingsAccountsOther accounts and tap/click on Set adult comment for reserved access.

2. Tap on Choose an account and name a new account.

3. Tap on Choose an app that this comment can access. From here corkscrew down a list of apps until we find Picture Frame Slideshow and afterwards daub on that entrance to name it.

You can now record out of your admin comment and restart a Surface in sequence to finalize a setup of a reserved entrance for a print support account.

When a complement starts behind adult only record into a print support comment we determined regulating a PIN that was combined and it will start adult in kiosk mode regulating a Picture Frame Slideshow formed on a settings we determined earlier.

No other apps can be accessed in this mode. If for some reason we need to record into a admin comment only daub a Start symbol 5 times in discerning period and we will get a record in shade to do that.

If we ever strech a indicate where we wish to cgange a settings for a Picture Frame Slideshow afterwards we have to mislay a additional comment from reserved entrance and restart. Once that is finished we can record into that comment and cgange those settings. Of course, after that we have to go behind by a routine of adding that comment behind to reserved entrance with a Picture Frame Slideshow, restart and afterwards start adult kiosk mode by logging into a print support account.

Let us know how it goes.

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