How we Shot a Nova Terra Cosplay Photo in a Desert

August 7, 2018 - photo frame

As a photographer, I’ve never unequivocally designed my shoots too much. we kind of demeanour during what I’ll be sharpened and consider of cool-looking images. Then we try my best to compare what I’m saying in my conduct by photography and infrequently post-production.

This fire happened in California in 2015 shortly after Blizzcon. My good crony Lyz Brickley finished an implausible Nova Terra dress from Starcraft (the outfit is formed on her Heroes of a Storm look). She had a gun professionally done by her crony Jordan over during Henchmen Props.

I couldn’t wait to fire it. Lyz has a credentials as a unequivocally gifted model. Which means she’s positively implausible during following directions and bargain whatever artistic prophesy we have for a shoots. So we had a suspicion of going to a dried in California for a fire as we suspicion a yellows would contrariety unequivocally easily opposite a essentially pale blue tones of her character.

What we customarily do before we go for a crazy poses is some-more unchanging stuff. Like this finished picture here:

For a artistic photo, we wanted it backlit given that’s mostly my go-to character in photography when we wish to emanate thespian shots. we don’t use any outmost peep or reflectors.

I also knew we wanted mud drifting around and that we wanted her in an unfit pose. So we asked her father to bucket adult a chair with armrests, a shovel, and a bowl. The final 2 equipment were for formulating a unsentimental effects that we wanted to fire myself. It’s always best if we do it that approach given a lighting will compare a stage when we combination it in.

Finally, we wanted her to be airborne somehow though we couldn’t get it to demeanour natural. Mostly with these things, there’s a lot of hearing and error. It’s critical that a people we work with know this beforehand.

Eventually, her father Sean had figured out what poise might work so he showed us.

I wanted to fire a unsentimental mud effects in a stage as well. So we had Sean invariably trowel a garland of mud into a support as we prisoner it alighting on a ground. we didn’t finish adult regulating a play (but we left it in a support given I’m idle and knew it would be unequivocally easy to revise out).

I didn’t use a tripod for a fire given relating adult a layers is a unequivocally easy task. we was sharpened with a Canon 6D and 50mm f/1.4 lens but any lights or reflectors.

Sean stood behind Lyz to support her and crack her hair adult during a photo. As shortly as we got a shot we knew we had it and a fire was flattering most a wrap.

Here are a stairs we went by during post-processing:

  1. Open adult both photos. One with your theme and one with a dull background. Align them ideally regulating a mutation apparatus while one covering is set to difference.
  2. Once aligned facade a dull covering (one but a person) with a soothing tiny brush. Make certain your edges are perfect.
  3. Remove wandering hairs, purify adult a credentials and do your skin retouching if necessary. In this image, we also had to repair damaged tools of a costume. See strap-on thigh and armor nearby a shoe.
  4. Dodge/burn to emanate shade and light where needed.
  5. Mask in a dirt images. Blend them until it looks right.
  6. Add any kind of effects we feel are missing. Here we felt a picture looked peculiar but a gun banishment so we combined a blast from a gun and we illuminated adult a intense tools on a dress more.
  7. Final tone grading. we do this by formulating several curves composition layers and masking them.

Here’s a finished photo:

About a author: Beethy is a cosplay, fashion, and mural photographer operative in and around Sydney, Australia. The opinions voiced in this essay are only those of a author. You can find some-more of his work on Instagram (warning: a photos are not protected for work).

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