Hotel guest requests print of Nicolas Cage in her bed

February 7, 2015 - photo frame

Strange ask leads to some-more business for Hotel Indigo

SAN ANTONIO – A stay during a downtown hotel went viral after a guest had her peculiar requests met.

It started as a fun for Sarah, who was visiting from Georgia and staying during a Hotel Indigo.

“She indeed wrote in, meditative it was an programmed request,” pronounced hotel manager Ramon Rangel. “She indeed wrote in requesting a design of Nicolas Cage in her bed by 6 p.m.”

Little did Sarah know, a hotel manager would take her ask seriously.

“We got a design ready. We got a support ready. we took it over to my ubiquitous manager and said, ‘Look during what I’m doing,’” pronounced Rangel. “That’s when she suspicion to supplement a small hold of a Post-it note.”

Sarah was so agreeably surprised, she posted it online and requested another design of Nicolas Cage from “Moon Struck” a subsequent day.

“We picked out a picture. We got it set and all prepared to go, and we forgot to put it in a room,” pronounced Rangel.

Fortunately, Sarah also had a clarity of humor.

She let them know she didn’t see a design and that she didn’t have any bath towels.

“We motionless we’re going to get a picture, going to support it and take her adult some towels with a design folded into a towels, so when she unfolds it, there’s a design as good as a towels she didn’t receive,” pronounced Rangel. “As shortly as she saw that, she burst adult and started shouting so loud.”

Since that new stay, Rangel pronounced he’s really seen an boost in business, simply augmenting between 20 to 30 percent.

“I’d like to consider it’s since of a Nicolas Cage thing, though also if there’s only engagement here to come to San Antonio, that’s good, too,” pronounced Rangel.

Rangel pronounced fulfilling her requests were no difficulty during all.

In fact, they’re fixation orders for additional design frames only in box someone like Sarah decides to stay with them again.

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