Home of a Week: Officer’s autocratic chateau during a Naval Academy

January 22, 2016 - photo frame

The chateau of Marisa McClure is crawling with gators.

There’s a reason since a Navy Commander with 19 years of use would let her home be a breakwater for hulk reptiles with vast overbites, instead of a extending belligerent for Bill a Goat. Even if they seem mostly emblazoned on banners and posters.

Cdr. McClure, 43, is an unabashedly unapproachable connoisseur of a University of Florida. When she arrived in Gainesville, she schooled of a NROTC program. With a support of an aunt, her mother’s sister, a Naval officer stationed in Jacksonville, she researched a University of Florida’s NROTC choice and attempted it out for a semester. The subsequent division she was supposed into a module on a full scholarship.

McClure graduated in Dec 1996 as a corps commander and became a U.S. Navy Surface Warfare Officer. Shortly after, she was a Navy’s initial womanlike autocratic officer of a coastal unit craft.

McClure is a “Navy Junior,” daughter of a Naval Academy Class of 1964 graduate. Born in Arlington Heights, Illinois, her family changed to Houston, Texas, when she was a year old. Ten years later, they changed again, to Mendham, New Jersey. After graduating from high school, she attended SUNY Binghamton for a year before relocating south to gator-land.

“While we favourite my initial college, it was cold,” she shivered. “It didn’t have any large sports and we suffer sports. we took a year off, afterwards eliminated to a University of Florida.”

Her father and her maternal grandfather, both Naval officers, were during her commissioning. Her grandfather ceremoniously trustworthy a new officer’s shoulder play to her uniform.

In her 19 years in a Navy, McClure’s changed 11 times. Her son, Reilly, 6, has changed 4 times. She’s lived in 4 apartments, one townhouse, and 5 singular family homes.

“Each place, generally a dual we owned, we didn’t do a lot of changes. we kept a tone on a walls neutral since we knew I’d be relocating soon,” she said. “I had to learn to be self-sufficient. Every time we move, we have to start anew, find services and networks. As we get some-more comparison in a Navy, your network of friends grows.”

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This is a third time McClure has been stationed during a Naval Academy. Previous assignments were in 2001, and for 10 months in 2010. She and Reilly arrived final summer, before a start of a educational year.

Currently, McClure is executive of a Naval Academy Sailing Center and teaches an ethics course. Her home was built in a 1890s, formed on designs by Ernest Flagg, who designed a strange campus and a buildings, and a prolonged left vessel basin.

The 3 story house, a counterpart picture duplex, sports a strange line-up roof and has 5 bedrooms and 3 1/2 bathrooms. Like many officers’ residences of that era, inside it facilities a main, wooden staircase with forged newel posts and moulding , and a easier one nearby a behind of a residence for a use of servants.

Gator aides

In front, a U.S., Navy and University of Florida flags strap in a sprightly breeze. Patriotic bunting is draped on a railing jacket around a long, wide, L-shaped, screened-in porch.

A gator forged onto a mill subsequent to a front stairs growls: “Welcome to a Swamp.” Just next a selected doorway bell, a knee-high gator statue leans on a football and surveys all visitors. At eye level, another gator on a board bares his teeth as he bids guest welcome.

Though a residence is scarcely 125 years old, it has a modern, gentle look. Many of McClure’s seat purchases were during several Pottery Barn stores, though she’s combined many framed family photos and other eye-catching memorabilia. Some of a photos are portraits, others are scenic shots of some places she’s visited overseas: Belgium, Venice, Florence and Rome.

A genuine circle from a sailboat hangs above a vital room mantel.

“Each time we move, we supplement a few some-more pieces,” she said. “When we got here, all fell into place.”

Still, a residence indispensable one some-more thing. She purchased a nautical-flavored, navy blue and white Adirondack porch chairs and furniture.

The roof via a initial building are 13 feet high. The vital room in front is distant from a front corridor and from a dining room serve behind by a span of high, far-reaching doorways, any with a set of slot doors.

“I usually tighten a doors if someone is spending a night in a vital room or holding a nap,” McClure said. “The ceilings make this residence feel big. I’ve had other houses with a same block footage, though a ceilings make it feel bigger. we cite an open building plan, though a large doorways on this building give a same effect.”

From a porch and, even, from a vital room or upstairs windows, she and Reilly have an untrammeled perspective of a march drift opposite a street. A far-reaching space between dual sets of bleachers permits them to suffer a movement on a field.

McClure recalls her son’s grace with a house. It began with Reilly outset to watch a object arise with his mom a initial full day in a house. As they watched some midshipmen operative out on a march ground, they listened a sounds of a rope of Naval Academy bagpipers.

They concluded they’d changed to a enchanting place.

“I adore a feel of it here: a boating community, a history, being nearby a water, and tighten to Washington, D.C., and Baltimore. The feel of it,” she said.

The vital room, dining room and a upstairs bedrooms have non-working fireplaces, framed by pleasing mantels. Most of a hearths competition a musical coronet glow screen, or an eye-catching component – in a master bedroom, it’s a country basket containing an suave arrangement of black and white towels.

The dining room has a contemporary dining room table. In her prior homes, McClure usually extrinsic a table’s dual additional leaves when she had company. This dining room is spacious, and simply handles a incomparable distance of a table.

Beneath a list is a hand-woven, patterned runner from Afghanistan. It belongs to a good crony who didn’t have space to arrangement a runner in her stream home.

Above a mantel is a carved, wooden Navy design combined for McClure by another friend. It binds her sword and scabbard. Below a design is a forged tray from Woodcraft Artisans on Main Street depicting a map of a Annapolis area’s waters. A span of steel vessel cleats forms a tray’s handles.

A coronet board on one wall lists a names of all a officers, mostly commanders, who resided in a home from 1893 by 1993 – 51 of them, all male, including 3 chaplains in a 1970s.

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