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holiday qualification ideas nonplus pieces into ornaments

Published on Dec 23rd, 2015
by Talancia Pea


holiday qualification ideas nonplus pieces into ornaments

The largest present exchanging holiday is only days away, and no one is some-more vehement about it than a kiddos. They are awaiting presents for being “nice” rather than naughty. And like many relatives and guardians, I’m bustling donating or reorganizing their stream stashes to equivocate apropos overtaken in toys. After some negotiations, we give some toys and books in good condition to internal shelters and charities. Broken tools and waste nonplus pieces get tossed into my qualification box for destiny projects.

Although roughly any stout nonplus square will work for this project, I’m pity with we how we incited gangling froth nonplus pieces into an attire and a design frame. It’s an inexpensive approach to supplement a personal hold to your store-bought gifts and/or a courteous approach to uncover someone we care. This is so easy a kids can get it on a decorating fun, too. Don’t worry that a large day is roughly here: handmade crafts never go out of character and can be given any time of a year.

7 Steps to Make a Unique Gift for Family and Friends

Supplies For These Holiday Craft Ideas: Leftover nonplus pieces, neglected holiday cards or throw paper, glue, scissors, a ruler and embellishments

1. Choose a purify nonplus piece

puzzle piece

2. Pick out your paper. we used past years’ nod cards, as they are one of a most squandered equipment of a holiday season.

3. Place your nonplus square on a retreat side of a paper and snippet an outline. Cut out your shape. Helpful Tip: Another choice for this step is gluing your paper to a upside of a nonplus piece, afterwards slicing it out.

4. Adhere your paper to a nonplus piece. we used mist glue given my pieces were foam. If we have card pieces, prohibited glue or glass glue will work only fine.

5. To make an ornament, we would advise covering both sides of your piece. It’s certain to demeanour good from any angle! Add a hole to a tip of your square for a string, and it’s prepared for a tree.

6. If you’d cite to make a design frame, I’d advise measuring and slicing out an opening for your print on a nonplus piece. Helpful Tip: Cut out a relating opening on your paper, so a print simply can be seen.

7. Lastly, hang a magnet on a backside for a lovable small support to boaster your darling kiddos to family and friends. Don’t forget to supplement your embellishments of ribbon, stickers, beads, glitter, etc.

puzzle pieces upcycled into ornaments

What are some other upcycling crafts you’ve attempted this holiday season? I’d like to see cinema of your creations in a criticism section.

Photo credits: Talancia Pea

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