Hobbies: This print spray support is a ideal holiday gift

October 7, 2017 - photo frame

Looking for a poetic new approach to arrangement your photos? Try formulating this print spray frame. By regulating dusty and mistake flowers, we was means to support my memories in a pleasing and fragile way. It’s ideal for a holiday present or souvenir to hang yearlong.


— Wire to emanate spray or premade handle wreath

— Wire cutter

— Dried flowers, mistake flowers and moss

— Hot glue gun

— Scissors

Photo we would like to hang

— Clear fishing handle or string


1. If we do not have a premade handle wreath, emanate your own. Take your handle and mold it into a round that will be large adequate to residence your photo. Double a handle and make an additional round wreath.

2. Attach a dual handle circles together by firmly jacket a two-inch square of handle on any side of a wreath.

3. Using transparent fishing wire, tie dual pieces of a transparent handle from a tip of a handle spray to a bottom.

4. Hot glue your print directly on a transparent fishing line.

5. Now arrange your flowers and moss. Once we like a layout, prohibited glue your flowers and moss into place. we like a somewhat asymmetrical look, though we should do what pleases your eye and looks good with your photo.

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