Hobbies: Photo spray support is a ideal holiday gift

November 2, 2017 - photo frame

Looking for a poetic new approach to arrangement your photos? Try formulating this print spray frame. By regulating dusty and mistake flowers, we was means to support my memories in a pleasing and fragile way. It’s ideal for a holiday present or souvenir to hang yearlong.


Wire to emanate spray or premade handle wreath

Wire cutter

Dried flowers, mistake flowers and moss

Hot glue gun


Photo we would like to hang

Clear fishing handle or string


1. If we do not have a pre-made handle wreath, emanate your own. Take your handle and mold it into a round that will be large adequate to residence your photo. Double a handle and make an additional round wreath.

2. Attach a dual handle circles together by firmly jacket a 2-inch square of handle on any side of a wreath.

3. Using transparent fishing wire, tie dual pieces of a transparent handle from a tip of a handle spray to a bottom.

4. Hot glue your print directly on a transparent fishing line.

5. Now arrange your flowers and moss. Once we like a layout, prohibited glue your flowers and moss into place. we like a somewhat asymmetrical look, though we should do what pleases your eye and looks good with your photo.

Dena FishBein is a engineer and artist behind many home, present and paper products found during your favorite stores. To ask her how to overstate anything, revisit her blog during denadesigns.com.

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