Hobbies: Chicken handle frames offer organizing tool

March 6, 2015 - photo frame

We are already into month 3 of 2015 and we am still perplexing to get organized. we detected frames in a qualification store for half off and satisfied it is probable to buy or reuse a vast design support to assistance me in this process.

If a support we are regulating has potion covering a design area, we can mislay it. Then cut a territory of duck handle (wear gloves and use handle snips) that is a small incomparable than a support opening and insert it to a behind of a frame. You can bind it to a support with a tack gun if a support is wood. If a support is not done of wood, we can always use channel fasten to secure a handle to a back.

Once a duck handle is trustworthy to a frame, it is ideal for holding musical equipment for a singular arrangement or as a circular house to reason notes, bills or anything we need to see in sequence to remember to do.

I combined “hearty” tags we intend to use for all from present tags to intense appreciate we notes. we trustworthy them to a duck handle with clothespins, creation it easy to see all of my choices and suffer a colorful arrangement in a process. Some of my clothespins are painted, some are lonesome with washi tape, and some sojourn natural.

My tags are detailed with:

Vellum flowers

Hearts flashy with buttons

Rhinestone plaque hearts

Metal hearts hung with elaboration thread

Alphabet beads strung with elaboration thread

Chunks of patterned paper with a die-cut hearts forsaken out

Heartfelt messages that we handwrote, printed or burnished on with a wooden stick

When I’m creation mixed items, like these tags, it’s useful to hang them adult as we make them so we can see, during a glance, all of my options. Once we send these off in a mail as appreciate we cards or trustworthy to gifts, we will have an wholly new vacant support to fill with something else that needs organizing.

Contact Sandi Genovese and find giveaway video demonstrations of some-more print projects during sandigenovese.com.

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