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October 24, 2015 - photo frame

Pat Costa of Gaston had a doubt about entering a Homes Gardens of a Northwest’s Garden Photo Contest: What does a order “no digital alterations” mean?

“Arguably, one of a best photographers ever, Ansel Adams, spent as most time in a darkroom as he did sharpened a photos. Dodging, burning, cropping, adjusting bearing and contrariety were tricks he used to imitation his epic photos,” Costa wrote. “All of that can also be finished (and roughly always is done) in post prolongation of digital images. we know a anathema on adding, removing, etc., tools of an image, yet cropping, etc., are partial of a normal detailed routine. So, what is a tangible order for a contest?”

Good question, Pat.

Mike Zacchino, a Oregonian’s manager of photography and video and a competition judge, explained: “Such digital strategy that renders a singular support over what is a reasonable perspective is regulating digital strategy to cranky a reliable line of documentary photography.”

He pronounced that gathering is excellent and so is reasonable contrariety and bearing adjustments.

Not authorised are stealing (cloning) or totally obscuring (burning/dodging) equipment by digital manipulation.

You can adjust tone to a reasonable degree, yet weed should be on a spectrum of yellow to green, not orange or pink, he added.

Amateur photographers like Costa have some of a same apparatus Adams’ employed with today’s digital cameras.

“Our truth during a Oregonian has always been that we will not use methods of strategy that were not accessible in chemical imitation making,” Zacchino said. “We don’t violate a suggestion of controls that existed in film and imitation processing.”

He pronounced that a newsroom draws a line during altering a existence of a stage by stealing objects by cloning or obliterating by blazing or dodging. A distracting component in a stage might be cropped out. “If it can’t be cropped, we leave it in,” he said.

The newsroom also adheres to a customary of one singular frame, rather than consistent mixed frames of several exposures into one. The consistent process of HDR (high energetic range) estimate is not allowed, yet lightening of shadows and extinguishing of highlights by an HDR apparatus on a singular support is acceptable. It’s a from of bearing control, he said.

“If there are times when we record mixed frames of one stage to tack together a panorama, we note that in a heading so everybody knows it is a combination image. Those instances are few and distant between here. Stitched together frames into one support are not authorised in a competition this year,” he said.

If in doubt, he added, consider of a tenure “gilding a lily.” A lily is pleasing on it’s own. Capture a healthy beauty and forget about perplexing to make it some-more than it is by unduly altering reality.

OK! Get snapping!

You have until Oct. 31 to contention your online entrance to a annual Homes Gardens of a Northwest’s Garden Photo Contest.

There’s no theme; it’s shooter’s choice. As prolonged as a strange imitation is taken in a garden — open or private — in a Pacific Northwest in a final year, it’s authorised to win.

There will be 4 winners: Three comparison by staff members of The Oregonian and Homes Gardens of a Northwest and one voted on by a public. The winning photos and some runners-up will seem in a final emanate of a Homes Gardens of a Northwest and displayed on OregonLive.com.

Ten images will be comparison by us as finalists and are authorised for your online vote as a People’s Choice and fourth place winner.

To enter, contention your strange digital imitation during oregonlive.com/hg-photo between Oct. 21 and Oct. 31, 2015. It’s discerning and easy, and we can see a other entries.

If we have a printed photograph, have it scanned and done into a digital picture to contention online. Large grocery store bondage and duplicate use stores will indicate and technology your picture onto a flashdrive. With that, we can go online and enter a contest.

RULES to get we launched (see a finish rules)

  • Photos contingency be taken over a final year, between Sept. 1, 2014 and Oct. 31, 2015, in a garden in a Northwest.
  • Amateur photographers only; no veteran photos accepted.
  • Maximum of 3 photos per person.
  • No digital alteration of photos is allowed.
  • Prints (not elite as entries) might be any distance between 3-by-5 and 11-by-14 inches.
  • If we contingency mail a print, fasten finished entry form or a 3-by-5 label with a same information, right side up, to a behind of any imitation entered. (A duplicate of a form or a 3-by-5 label MUST BE ATTACHED to EACH photo; entries but one or a other will not be considered.) Printed entries contingency be postmarked by Oct. 31 and mailed to Homes Gardens of a Northwest, The Oregonian/Oregonlive.com, 1500 SW First Avenue Suite 400, Portland, Oregon 97201.
  • The judges’ preference is final. Judges are staff members of The Oregonian and Homes Gardens of a Northwest. Staff members of The Oregonian and their families are not eligible.
  • All photos turn skill of Oregon Media Group and can't be returned. Entry constitutes accede to imitation photos and gardener/photographer information in Homes Gardens of a Northwest and to arrangement on OregonLive.com but serve compensation.
  • Winners will be told by Dec. 12; winning photos will be printed in a Saturday, Dec. 26, book of a Homes Gardens of a Northwest
  • Entries will be judged on detailed merit.


  • Usually, morning or late afternoon light is best. Avoid sharpened between 10 a.m. and 2 p.m., when beyond light is flat.
  • Look for exercise of shapes, reflections, poetic designs in nature.
  • Get tighten to your subject.
  • Look for purify backgrounds.

Good luck!

— Janet Eastman


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