Harvard Startup Connects Picture Frames with Wi-Fi, Touchscreens

April 15, 2015 - photo frame

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Skylight Wi-Fi frame

Let’s be honest—digital design frames are flattering sore gifts, generally for mom and dad, let alone grandpa. But that could change if a Boston startup named Glimpse has a way.

Glimpse creates Skylight, a new digital design support that takes advantage of touchscreens and Wi-Fi to make a support a creators contend is easy to set up, use, and refurbish with uninformed photos. The product has a 7-inch LCD shade with 1024 x 600 fortitude and can arrangement a many common record types.

People have been perplexing to make design frames high-tech for years, and there is no necessity of options online or during Walmart and Best Buy. But those products typically rest on memory cards or USB memory sticks, and it’s clunky to name and store pictures. It also takes a small tech expertise to refurbish with new pictures—that is, if anyone in a family unequivocally cares adequate to refurbish them.

Michael Segal, one of a Harvard students who founded Glimpse, believes his startup has found a elementary solution: bond a support to a Internet and let Wi-Fi and e-mail do a work. The group met while they were connoisseur students during Harvard, and they work out of a Harvard Innovation Lab in Boston.

With a Wi-Fi connection, Skylight is elementary to update, Segal said. People usually e-mail their cinema to an residence specific to any machine, and Skylight’s program resizes a print to make it prepared for display. A design from median opposite a creation could be on grandpa’s shade in seconds.

“Family members can send photos to Skylight now from anywhere in a world, and grandma doesn’t lift a finger to get them. No memory hang can do that,” Segal said.

Ease of use is important, and a Skylight also contingency be easy to set adult regulating a touchscreen capabilities. It should usually take a integrate of mins to bond a support to a home Wi-Fi network, Segal said.

“Most families wish a device that works like this, yet surprisingly digital print frames historically have been distant some-more formidable to use for sender and recipient,” Segal said. “We’ve built something for families that we cruise ‘just works’ right out of a box.”

The Skylight done a entrance on Kickstarter a few weeks ago, and as of Wednesday afternoon had lifted $24,600 of a $30,000 it is seeking. The debate has 13 days to go, and it got a boost when a crowdfunding site done it a featured record product on Wednesday.

A digital design support is a high-tech turn on a low-tech yet near-ubiquitous product—making it maybe a self-evident low-hanging fruit of connected devices. If a product succeeds, it could give Segal and association an entrance indicate into connected homes and intelligent inclination as good as a expertise to build a consumer product.

“We positively trust in a destiny in that each home has a connected, touch-screen arrangement with that we can correlate in a accumulation of ways,” Segal wrote. “Family print pity was a judicious place to start, given a lot of a things unresolved on people’s walls currently are already family photos. We’re precisely focused on family print pity for now, yet will really cruise expanding into other use cases as we grow.”

Glimpse skeleton to broach a frames to a Kickstarter backers by August. Segal pronounced a devise after that is to be prepared for a 2015 holiday season. A full blurb launch that gets Skylights on store shelves could be entrance subsequent year if all goes well, he said.

Glimpse isn’t a usually association to cruise of adding Wi-Fi to digital frames, of course. High-end versions that embody several gigabytes of cloud storage, smartphone apps that emanate customized slideshows, and connectors to amicable media and print pity accounts are accessible on Amazon. Frames with vast high-definition screens and all a bells and whistles can cost some-more than $300, nonetheless many have high discounts.

Very few, though, seem to use touchscreen technology, that adds a integrate hundred bucks to a cost tag. Skylight will cost $120 when it hits a market.

Michael Davidson is a editor of Xconomy Boulder/Denver. Contact him during mdavidson@xconomy.com. Follow @MichaelXBD

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