Harry Potter yoga exists, and it’s truly magical

November 2, 2016 - photo frame

Drake fans have their Namasdrake flow, animal lovers have their possess yoga (from goat yoga to vinyasa on horseback), and now Hogwarts super fans can rejoice—because Harry Potter yoga now exists.

To commemorate a anniversary of Potter’s parents’ death, yogis assimilated together during a brewery in Austin, TX, (Circle Brewing Co., that offers a Pints Poses category on a reg) to channel Deathly Hallows and engage in some fascinated yoga, Cosmopolitan reports.

Wands in palm (yes—really), a category changed by your standard vinyasa upsurge though with a Potter spin. Think Slytherin cobra, Whomping Willow (AKA tree pose), and savasana underneath an “invisibility cloak,” differently famous as a yoga blanket.

harry potter yoga
Photo: Instagram/@circlebrew

Instructor Isabel Beltran encouraged a Potter fans by observant things like, “Imagine you’re sitting on a Hogwarts Express,” and called a attendees “Dumbledore’s army.” She also review from Harry Potter and a Deathly Hallows so a yogis could truly feel enthralled in a cult-fave array and ride themselves to a illusory universe filled with visionary creatures and spells.

harry potter yoga
Photo: Instagram/@circlebrew

The category ends with a Potter-inspired drink and a refreshment station, and print ops galore (with a “Have we seen this wizard?” Prisoner of Azkaban print frame, Mandrake garden, and an tangible classification shawl done out of papier-mache with cookies to match).

Could this be a new (magical) process for evading bland stress?

If you’re looking for other ways of handling stress, try this all-natural choice to Xanax or take records from these yogis on staying ease even in stressful situations.

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