Hands-On: The Pentax K-1 Full-Frame DSLR Is Here At Last

February 18, 2016 - photo frame

Back in October, Ricoh showed off a preproduction representation of the much-anticipated Pentax K-1 behind a potion enclosing during Photo Plus Expo in New York. Today, a long-awaited full-frame DSLR creates a entrance along with dual new lenses.

The K-1 is built around a 36.4MP CMOS sensor with an ISO operation adult to 204,800 and a five-axis picture stabilization complement for that Pentax has found a accumulation of artistic uses. Like Ricoh’s flagship APS-C model, a Pentax K-3 II, by relocating a sensor in 1 pixel increments, a camera is means to copy an anti-aliasing filter to quarrel moiré patterns. And it can use a built in GPS in tandem with a sensor’s stabilization section to follow a transformation of stars in a night sky—a bonus for stellar photographers that Pentax calls a Astro Tracer.

The K-1 is rising into a marketplace already well-stocked with full-frame DSLRs, so it incorporates a series of novel facilities that assistance it mountain out. LCD screens on DSLRs that flip and stagger are sincerely common, though Pentax has enclosed what it calls a “flexible, tilt-type” guard on a new flagship, that is anchored to a physique of a K-1 by 4 struts. This singular complement allows a behind shade to turn and angle in new ways, with adult to 44 degrees of straight and 35 degrees of plane adjustment.

A newly engineered pentaprism with about 0.7X magnification and roughly 100% margin of perspective provides a bright, frail perspective by a lens. An innovative array of tiny LEDs via a body, above a lens mount, within a SD label slots and behind a behind LCD screen, should make regulating a camera in low-light situations most simpler. Heavy-duty shooters will also be meddlesome in an discretionary battery hold ($199) for a K-1, that mirrors many of a right-hand controls on a behind of a camera body.

Over during Pop Photo headquarters, we were propitious adequate to get to fire with a preproduction chronicle of a camera with a operative chronicle of a firmware. While we had a K-1 usually for a few hours, we utterly enjoyed a time we had with it. In particular, a heft of a camera body, that weighs in during usually over 2 pounds with a battery and SD cards, appealed to those of us used to operative with heavier cameras. The low right-hand hold and rubbery cloaking on a physique done doing a K-1 gentle and easy.

The K-1 is significantly some-more commanding and beefier than Pentax’s APS-C line of DSLRs, good news for those looking for a critical workhorse. The APS-C cameras like a K-5 II were well-regarded for their continuance and that positively seems to have carried over here to a tip of a DSLR line. Its form-factor and pattern seem desirous by a success of a brand’s 645Z medium-format camera. The aesthetics in a K-1’s branding seem indicate to a approach that Pentax views a attribute between a dual camera systems and teases during some-more to come.

Surprisingly, a K-1 with a many new features, hits a travel currently during a cold $1,799 (body only), significantly cheaper than a closest competitor, Nikon’s D810 that sell for $2,800. Launching parallel with a K-1, Pentax has also announced dual new lenses for a body, a 15-30mm f/2.8 ($1,449) and a 28–105mm f/3.5–5.6 ($499). Both lenses, for that prices are not nonetheless available, are weather-sealed and incorporate aspherical and low-dispersion elements to quarrel chromatic misconception and distortion. Ten other lenses for a complement will also be available, ensuring a far-reaching operation of focal length possibilities for intensity Pentax shooters.

We’re always happy when camera makers shake adult a standing quo and we demeanour brazen to saying how photographers take to this new full-frame DSLR.

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