Hamill: Home Depot workman says shooter, plant were ‘cool’

January 27, 2015 - photo frame

Jose Fernandez was relaxing during home in Brooklyn with his mother and kids Sunday afternoon before streamer to Home Depot on 23rd St. in Manhattan for a night change as a $16-an-hour shelf stocker in a lighting department. Then a phone rang.

“Don’t come in tonight,” a co-worker told him.


“Crazy s— going down here, man,” pronounced a co-worker. “Put on a news. Calvin shot Moctar passed in aisle 12 about 2:30 this afternoon. Then he killed himself. Now we’re sealed for murder.”


Jose Fernandez recalls a overwhelming call in that he was told not to come into work and schooled dual associate Home Depot employees, whom he deliberate pals, were dead.Debbie Egan-Chin/New York Daily News Jose Fernandez recalls a overwhelming call in that he was told not to come into work and schooled dual associate Home Depot employees, whom he deliberate pals, were dead.

Fernandez says he sat honest on a cot in a state of shock. A snowstorm of images confused his brain.

“You don’t understand, man,” Fernandez told me later. “Calvin and Moctar, these were dual unequivocally cold guys. Great guys. More than co-workers. They were like friends. we never seen them have no beefs. No bad words. Two guys in their early 30s. Both had kids. Calvin was from Jamaica. Moctar was from Africa. Working on a dream.”

He takes a low breath, stuffing his lungs with a oxygen of life as he spoke about the murder of Moctar Sy, 38, by Calvin Esdaile Jr., 31, dual co-workers he frequently joked with in territory 27, a lighting department.

“I go behind many years with Calvin,” Fernandez says. “I was his administrator during Alliance Air Freight in JFK behind in 2004, 2005. we installed planes, and Calvin installed and unloaded trucks for me. He was a cold kid. Slight attitude. Little bit of a temper. But not bad. we could speak to him. Treat him satisfactory as a supervisor, he destitute his donkey for you.

Fernandez worked with purported shooter Calvin Esdaile Jr., and plant Moctar Syon in a 23rd St. store.Patrick T. Fallon/Bloomberg Fernandez worked with purported shooter Calvin Esdaile Jr., and plant Moctar Syon in a 23rd St. store.

“I quit Alliance when we came to work for Home Depot behind in 2006. Two, 3 years later, we seen Calvin was operative here, too. Coincidence. We hugged. Said hey. He pronounced he got dismissed by Alliance, though he didn’t have any annoy or anything.”

Fernandez says he and Calvin also became accessible with Moctar as all 3 worked together in territory 27. “Moctar was a unequivocally smart, prepared guy,” says Fernandez.

“He was with Home Depot about 6 or 7 years when he was promoted to supervisor. As we know, some bosses let a small bit of energy go to your head. Not Moctar. He’d still stand ladders and do things himself rather than ask we if we were bustling with a customer.”

Was Moctar satisfactory to Calvin as a boss?


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“Moctar never bossed anybody around,” Fernandez says. “He didn’t have a dominant personality. He supervised. He finished certain assignments were made, that a territory 27 work was finished right. But he was always fair, man. Never lifted his voice. we had no complaints. we never listened Calvin protest about Moctar, either, and we only saw him on Friday night. He didn’t tell me he’d been dismissed like I’m reading in a papers.”

What was his support of mind?

“Cool,” Fernandez said. “Calvin was Calvin. Solid. Moctar was only behind from a month’s vacation in France. we saw him final week, too. He has a baby, and he was traffic with a visa conditions with a baby’s mom. He was all kind of happy.”

So Fernandez was repelled by a Sunday afternoon call from his co-worker.

NYC PAPERS OUT. Social media use limited to low res record max 184 x 128 pixels and 72 dpiDebbie Egan-Chin/New York Daily News The Brooklyn male was during home with hiis mother Rosalinda Diaz and children Lisa Fernandez, 5, and Rafael Fernandez, 4, when he listened a news. He hopes that Home Depot will put him to work in another store soon.

“Said a store was disharmony with people stocking adult for a storm, and that Calvin and Moctar had a beef in aisle 12,” Fernandez recalled. “That’s a light bulbs aisle. Someone shouted, ‘F— you!’ Then came a garland of shots. we never, ever finished Calvin for make-up heat, and we know him over 10 years. But afterwards we only never unequivocally know someone, do you? Nice dude like Calvin kills good male like Moctar and afterwards shoots himself. we apparently didn’t know that Calvin.”

Fernandez says he went online and found a print of Calvin and Moctar, co-workers and friends, passed on a building of Home Depot in a reservoir of blood.

“In aisle 12, where we work each night,” he says. “That only scares a s— out of you, bro. One approach or a other, we was gonna make it by a charge to work. Gotta support my kids. But now we wish they put me to work in another store. Because after a startle wears off, it is what it is. Craziness in a large city. Now life goes on. But we don’t wish to use adult changed vacation time since my store calls to contend they’re sealed for murder.”

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