Hackers reportedly sent melancholy emails to Sony employees

December 6, 2014 - photo frame

The penetrate opposite Sony Pictures seemed to enter new domain on Friday when employees reportedly perceived messages melancholy them and their families.

The message, reported by Variety, warned that “not usually we though your family will be in danger.”

Sony’s mechanism complement was pounded in late November and gigabytes of data, including unreleased movies, were stolen and leaked online. Embarrassing hacks have strike other companies in new years, though melancholy employees is rarely surprising and will put additional vigour on law coercion to find those responsible.

The summary purports to be from a Guardians of Peace, a organisation that has claimed shortcoming for a Sony hack. It’s created in sketchy English and opens with serve threats opposite Sony.

“Removing Sony Pictures on earth is a really little work for a organisation that is a worldwide organization. And what we have finished so distant is usually a tiny partial of a serve plan,” a summary reads in part, according to Variety, that says it performed a copy.

It afterwards turns to Sony employees.

“Many things over imagination will occur during many places of a world. … Please pointer your name to intent a fake of a association during a email residence next if we dont wish to humour damage. If we dont, not usually we though your family will be in danger,” a summary reads.

It wasn’t immediately probable to endorse a flawlessness of a summary and Sony Pictures couldn’t be reached.

An email to an residence that claimed progressing this week to be “the trainer of a GOP” was returned with a blunder summary “User comment deactivated.”

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