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September 9, 2014 - photo frame

Ariana Grande competence be a star on a rise, though new function from a thespian and her handlers on an Australian press trip prove she’s in full-blown diva mode.

Media outlets were presented with a washing list of articulate points to equivocate during any interviews, while photographers were educated to belong to despotic discipline as to how a perfumer could be prisoner on film.

Journalists interviewing a 21-year-old singer, according to Australia’s The Courier-Mail, were banned from vocalization on a following topics: her stream and past relationships; a genocide of her grandfather; her work with Justin Bieber; her time on Nickelodeon’s Sam Cat, and ex-co-star Jennette McCurdy; and anything to do with Mariah Carey.

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“The Way” singer’s handlers also barred photographers from regulating negative healthy light in images she’s in, and that a pics could usually be taken from her left side.

There was grand drama when a “Bang Bang” thespian cut brief her photoshoot during The Darling Hotel with Chris Pavlich, a photographer with a announcement mX. During a session, Grande wanted personal frame-by-frame capitulation of any shot, with any unattractive photos to be deleted.

The “Problem” singer put a brakes on things when she pronounced she wanted to change her top, with one of her reps entrance in about 20 mins later, revelation Pavlich to undo a images he’d already taken. Pavlich declined and had a run-in with one of a singer’s confidence guards, who attempted to physically stop him from make-up adult his apparatus in his car as he attempted to depart, a paper reported.

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Grande deserted a pre-planned print fire for another set of (presumably-controlled) chit-chats with other Aussie media outlets on hand.

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