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January 1, 2018 - photo frame

The trail to a blue charity is a difficult one in Chapter 4 of Gorogoa. Instead of a normal path, a child moves by a wall of photographs — any sketch shows a child during a opposite indicate in his life, and any credentials facilities a thoroughfare a child can use. You’ll have to use all a frames accessible to we to assistance a child burst from one sketch to a next.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, you’ll also need to stagger a array of gears. Several images (on plates, mark potion windows, and more) need to be rotated so a trail forward is indicating in a scold direction. You’ll need to compare movement, and a correct-fitting gears to a scold frames to make swell in this chapter. There are so many options to select from, though we’ll explain in fact how to solve any step.

Gorogoa Walkthrough – Table of Contents

Chapter 4 | Complete Puzzle Guide

Gorogoa isn’t a normal nonplus game. You’ll need to manipulate tiles; moving, separating, or mixing tiles to solve puzzles. Below, you’ll find step-by-step instructions for any nonplus in elementary language, explaining usually a bare-bones of any nonplus in despotic detail. Check out a gallery for images display any step of a puzzle.





















  • This territory starts after a child collects a yellow apple from a tree branch. Move right (follow a boy) in a Tree Frame afterwards wizz out to strech a Photo Wall Frame.
  • Photo Wall Frame: The idea of this territory is to get a child by a wall of photos.
    • To progress, go left in a Statue Frame and wizz out from a cemetery to re-enter a Library Frame to a right. When a sleeping child dreams of falling, detached a frame.
  • Window Frame: In a support with a child sitting during a window, detached it again to find a map. The map will change depending on a tile we place it — keep this in mind for later.
  • Library Frame: Focus on a books to a right of a sleeping child in a Library — you’ll wizz in and see 3 detached books we can correlate with.
  • Map Frame: Place a map support in a lower-right tile to see a star symbol. Focus on a star pitch until we find a Towers Frame — there are dual doorways connected by stairs.
  • Photo Wall Frame: Focus on a upper-left print so that a design zooms in on a space between dual photographs, with a child on a left. Place a Towers Frame over a Photos Frame, mixing them and permitting a child to cranky to a upper-right photo.
    • Upper-Right Photo Frame: To make swell here, place a Boy / Ledge Frame in a upper-left tile.
    • To strech a subsequent door, concentration on a bell on a list in a Window Frame until we strech a walking child that rings a bell.
    • In a Library Frame, concentration on a Yellow Book and wizz into a gear-shaped sun.
    • Zoom out of a former Towers Frame to find a gear-shaped Tableau Frame. Connect a object / rigging and a walking child frames to spin a Tableau / Gear Frame. Turn a rigging until a white support is on a left.
  • Zoom into a White territory of a Turning Gear Frame to find a wall that looks suspiciously identical to a one where a child is standing. Connect a dual frames so a child waits during a burst doorway.
  • Photo Wall Frame: Focus on a bottom-right print to find a relating pathway with a blue charity symbol. Combine a frames afterwards detached them so a child can pierce left. Follow a child so that he’s waiting, once again, during a pathway between dual design frames.
  • Cracked Wall Frame: Zoom out of a burst wall support we only detached to find a Stained Glass Window Frame. Again, there’s a gear-shape in a center, and you’ll need to spin it in a scold direction.
    • Stained Glass Window Frame: To assistance a child cranky a photographs, you’ll need to stagger a Stained Glass so that a towers support (on a left naturally) is during a bottom position.
      • To stagger a Stained Glass Window Frame, concentration on a Candle (Boy / Window Frame) until we find a spinning wheel. Zoom in tighten on a wheel, afterwards covering a Stained Glass over a circle gear. Three rotations should spin a Towers Frame down.
  • Photo Wall Frame: Return to a child and concentration on a Stained Glass Frame once a Towers are during a bottom of a Stained Glass Window. Focus on a towers, and mix a Towers Frame with a Photo Frame, afterwards detached them apart. The child is roughly during his destination. One some-more print to reach.
  • For a final photo, lapse to a Boy / Window Frame and concentration on a china ladle. Zoom into a settlement and right during a plateau to find a Boy / Stairs Frame. You’ll also wish to wizz out of a former Towers Frame to find a Plate Frame with 4 some-more images.
  • Plate Frame: To assistance a child strech a final photo, you’ll need to spin a left-hand picture image upright, so it’s during a tip position.
    • To stagger a Plate Frame, mix a Boy / Stairs Frame and a zoomed-in Blue Book from a Library.
    • Zoom out of a Plate Frame to cringe it slightly, afterwards all 3 frames will fit together.
  • Plate Frame: Zoom into a Castle Ruin Frame when it’s during a tip position afterwards bond a Photo Frame where a child is waiting. He’ll cranky over, and afterwards we can wizz out and behind into a bottom-left print of a aged man. In a background, this final hurt will bond with where a child is now standing.

Once a child reaches a bottom-left print of his comparison self, he’ll be means to collect a blue fruit charity and finish this difficult chapter.

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