Google Roundup: Five New And Useful Features For Google’s Apps And Devices

July 23, 2018 - photo frame

What’s new for Google’s apps and devices.Credit: Alexas Photos/Pixabay

Chromecast, a Assistant and Android Auto get useful new facilities and a blob emoji are back. Here are some of a changes Google rolled out recently.

The Assistant resurrects Google Now

Back in a day, Google Now supposing a daily collection of reminders, continue and trade reports, events on your news and more. It was intensely useful if we took a time to customize it so it brought we usually a information we indispensable to navigate by your day.

Google Now is gone, though a purpose it served has returned around a Assistant with a new underline called “Visual Snapshot” that is rolling out now. Visual Snapshot is accessed by an idol that looks like a eager inbox in a top right corner of a Assistant app. Tap a idol to see what a Assistant can tell we about a rest of your day.

Visual Snapshot can correlate with both Google and third-party apps to corral information from a accumulation of sources into one accessible location. Note that you’ll have to give Google accede to entrance a lot of your personal information if we wish to make limit use of Visual Snapshot.

Chromecast’s new Ambient Mode.Credit: Kevin Murnane

Ambient Mode brings a low-bandwidth choice and new customization features to Chromecast’s rotating images

Chromecast has a new Ambient Mode that gives a user an stretched set of customization options for determining a images that stagger when zero is being streamed. The images are sundry and mostly gorgeous, though they can also be a problem if we have a low bandwidth connection. A new low-bandwidth choice can assistance with that.

To capacitate a low bandwidth option, daub a menu idol (three straight dots) in a top right dilemma of a Chromecast label in a Home app and name Ambient settings Experimental. You’ll find a toggle to spin low-bandwidth mode on or off.

Ambient Mode also lets we feed a design carousel with images from several new sources. Photo support adds cinema to a carousel from a Google Photos album. The Experimental territory has options to pull images from Facebook or Flickr.

Other customization options in Ambient Mode include,

  • Superimposing time or internal continue over an image.
  • Showing a owners of an image’s name and a manuscript where it’s located.
  • Controlling a slideshow speed in increments trimming from 10 seconds to 10 minutes.

You can also crop by a final 5 images shown in box we saw something we favourite and wish to know some-more about it.

The blob emoji are back.Credit: Google

Google’s blob emoji return

Google transposed a blob emoji with a normal round accumulation when it expelled Android O. The blobs returned as a plaque container in Allo though Allo hasn’t been successful. Now they’re behind again as plaque packs for Gboard and Android Messages. The container includes both immobile emoji and charcterised stickers.

The Assistant gets pointing song control opposite all devices

Android Central reports that pointing song ride controls are accessible from a Assistant opposite all devices. Now “fast brazen 25 seconds” or “rewind 6 minutes” will do usually that. Previously, usually a Assistant in Google’s Home inclination was able of this turn of excellent control.

Waze comes to Android Auto for phones.Credit Waze

Waze comes to a Android Auto app

Waze was combined to Android Auto for in-car displays final Jul and now it’s finally accessible for a Android Auto app on phones. Whether you’re regulating Android Auto on a conduct section or a phone, Waze lets you

  • Launch navigation by drumming on a pre-programmed end or by observant “OK Google” to arise adult a Assistant.
  • Get video and audio alerts about arriving problems and find swap routes on a vast map.
  • Access your personalized Waze knowledge and perspective your ETA panel.
  • Report accidents, highway hazards or trade jams by a visible news menu.

Waze for Android Auto is accessible for Android 5.0 (Lollipop) and adult and is optimized for use with a automobile dock.

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