Goodbye Granny: Four Cheap and Chic Hotels Transforming a Catskills

September 23, 2014 - photo frame

My father and we were anticipating for a ideal four-day escape, nonetheless we had a parsimonious budget, a brief time frame, and dual kids in tow. That meant Fiji was out. We singular a hunt to destinations that were within pushing stretch from New York City (a two-hour expostulate would meant reduction time for a 2-year-old to have a meltdown in a behind seat). we wanted to equivocate overpriced hotel bedrooms filled with New Yorkers, so a Hamptons were out. More than anything, though, we wanted to feel like we were away — no cities, no suburbs, no stress. we wanted rolling hills, circuitous nation roads, and a lake to burst into before tumble unequivocally hit. That’s when we detected a Catskills.

Unlike a heyday in a 1950s and ’60s, when a area was crowded of big, splashy summer resorts, a newest Catskills hotels are small, hip, and well-priced. Given that we hadn’t explored a segment before and there was a stand of new openings, a transport author in me got ambitious. We did 4 hotels in 4 nights (totally crazy, nonetheless unequivocally fun). Here’s my firsthand news on where to stay in a Catskills right now.

 The Graham Co.

Goodbye Granny: Four Cheap and Chic Hotels Transforming a Catskills

The Graham Co. is a country getaway. (PhotoThe Graham Co.)

The vibe: Brooklyn meets a Catskills

Rooms amenities: The former motel has been reimagined as a hipster hideaway, with a country pattern clarity that is large in smart civic destinations (i.e., Brooklyn). Rooms exaggerate walls lonesome in reclaimed timber planks; a gray, black, and white palette; and unclothed bulbs unresolved from a roof (on purpose, this is somehow a pattern trend). However, a pattern intrigue injects a fresh, complicated sensibility into a retro motel backdrop. With kitchenettes and double black beds in several rooms, a hotel is a good choice for families, too. While families substantially aren’t a customers a owners had in mind when they designed a hip getaway, a motel’s pool, far-reaching grass with a badminton net, and a glow array ideal for s’mores are a lot to adore for tiny ones. Older kids will adore a giveaway bikes and walking stretch to Town Tinker Tube for stream tubing. The dictated assembly — singular hipsters on a bill — will conclude a berth rooms. They are a take for $99 a night interjection to a common bath.  


Hamptons vs. Catskills T-shirts are on sale during a hotel. (PhotoThe Graham Co.)

The experience: When we arrive during a Graham Co. and conduct into a former garage that has been remade into a front desk, we will many expected be greeted by someone sporting a beard. You’ll be offering a brief outline of a skill and a giveaway drink (an overwhelming touch), and afterwards you’re on your way. The vibe is low-key, and that extends to a use as well. They are there if we need them, nonetheless you’re left alone otherwise.

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Laid-back life during The Graham Co. (PhotoThe Graham Co.)

While I’m not a outrageous fan of motels incited into hip hotels, this one works for many reasons. There are tons of spots to widespread out over your room, so we never feel claustrophobic. Sprawl out in a hammock set between dual trees, loll in a floating tube in a pool with a cocktail, lift adult an Adirondack chair by a glow pit, or eat lunch on one of a cruise tables on a sprawling lawn. You’re also dual blocks from a city of Phoenicia, that is bustling and permitted and has musty selected wardrobe shops, low-key restaurants, and a reversion pharmacy that creates we feel like you’ve stepped behind into 1954. Nearby there is hiking and a few halcyon nonetheless frozen swimming holes. Hunter Mountain is usually 15 mins away.

Whom it’s best for:  Hip immature people, along with families that wish to trust they are still hip and young. Anyone who lives in Brooklyn.

The Arnold House


Relax in a assent of The Arnold House. (PhotoThe Arnold House)

The vibe:  Under-the-radar towering serenity

Rooms amenities: The Arnold House facilities 9 bedrooms in a century-old pub unaware 7 flattering acres (the rolling hills and bucolic backdrop we was looking for). Once inside, you’ll find a former chintz-filled motel facilities selected seat in a unequivocally cold glass-enclosed sunroom/living space. The bedrooms are friendly and cold with abounding line-up walls and plaid throws. The bedrooms confronting divided from a highway disremember far-reaching fields of flowers — a poetic viewpoint to arise adult to. On name weekends, a hotel hosts bands in a stable out back. One of a biggest surprises for such a tiny hotel was a spa, that offers facials and massages, along with pain-killer treatments. If you’re prone to go canoeing, kayaking, or swimming, a two-bedroom lake residence one mile divided is a newest further to a skill — and it’s simply permitted by bike. A bustling pub with a retro jukebox, a pool table, and torpedo cocktails offers guest a friendly mark to suffer lunch or cooking — this is pivotal as there is a default of restaurants in a area.


The Arnold House hotel in a Catskills (PhotoThe Arnold House)

The experience: “Authentic” is a buzzword that boutique hotel owners like to chuck around. Unlike many boutique hotels, a Arnold does feel authentic. The hotel is a labor of adore by owners Sims and Kristen Foster. Sims, whose family goes behind 5 generations in a area, has a splashy pursuit as comparison clamp boss of restaurants and nightlife for Commune Hotels in Manhattan. He’s brought his imagination to a Arnold — a pierce he done to applaud a region’s exhausted charms. Whether guest wish to see some alpacas or go hiking, fly-fishing, or swimming, Sims and Kristen have printed out minute descriptions and directions.

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The Arnold is a ideal hotel to let your kids try nature. (PhotoThe Arnold House/Facebook)

Unlike a 3 other Catskills hotels we visited, that are nearby colourful towns and bustling thoroughfares, a Arnold is set in a some-more remote location. Four miles north of a exhausted city of Livingston Manor, a hotel sits on a still highway amid rolling hills. If we are looking for shopping, nightlife, and foodie hum — this isn’t a hotel for you. It’s mellow and scenic — a place we go when we wish to unplug and chill out. we desired all about a Arnold — a backdrop, a rooms, a food, a vibe, a owners — it all works.

Whom it’s best for: People who wish to get their zen on. Families who wish their kids to bond with a outdoors.


imageExperience an upscale stay during a Emerson. (PhotoThe Emerson/Facebook)

The vibe: Eastern pattern fused with a classical American resort

Rooms amenities: The many upscale hotel we visited, a Emerson has all a bells and whistles of a classical resort. There are dual restaurants portion American fare, a aptness center, and a tiny pool. The sauna is one of a categorical draws here, with an endless menu of options, including Ayurvedic treatments (the Indian conduct massage sounds amazing). The 26 newer bedrooms during a Emerson are all suites and exaggerate luxe marble bathrooms, ornately forged Asian-style headboards, silk pillows, and tiny terraces. The some-more country lodge-rooms are housed in log-cabin buildings and have a reward of starting during $159 a night.


You’ll feel transported with silk pillows and Asian-style headboards. (PhotoThe Emerson)


The Emerson offers Ayurvedic sauna treatments. (PhotoThe Emerson/Facebook)

The experience: With a environment unaware a extended and beautiful river, a review is mostly requisitioned for weddings. It’s unequivocally lovely. And from a family perspective, it was good to be in a genuine hotel with room to widespread out and ramble (there is even a playground). It’s dog-friendly and has a dog run. My kids were happy to see other children around. At a hipper hotels we stayed at, they were a usually children around. The usually obstacle is that notwithstanding a cold Asian touches throughout, it feels a lot like a other resorts. Unlike a Graham or a Arnold, it didn’t have that singular standout feeling. So it all depends on what you’re looking for. 

Whom it’s best for: Those who are looking for a some-more luxe choice in a Catskills.

Hotel Dylan

imageLove is all we need during this Hotel Dylan. (PhotoHotel Dylan)

The vibe: Groovy, 1960s retro chic

Rooms and amenities:  Husband and mother TV pattern darlings, Cortney and Robert Novogratz have remade this 11-room roadside motel into a witty paper to a 1960s. The hotel celebrates a epoch of peace, love, and rock. The extraordinary bedrooms underline selected turntables with a curated preference of vinyl (we had Van Morrison and a Ramones) along with photographs of rockers that a bedrooms are named after — consider Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin. These were hands down a coolest and many gentle hotel bedrooms we stayed in. There are colorful, splendid patterns on ample chairs, colourful rugs with happy prints, candy-colored lighting, and pillows that announce “Love Is All You Need.”

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A tiny grass with a glow array is adult grabs during Hotel Dylan. (PhotoPhil Mansfield/Hotel Dylan)

The experience: The problem is that when it comes to a hotel, pattern is not all we need. The Dylan is in soothing opening now and will shortly have a grill and spa, nonetheless during a impulse it is a motel that overlooks a parking lot and a unequivocally bustling and loud road. There are no community spaces, only a tiny grass with a glow array and some bocce balls. But it is tighten to all cold in a area — 3 miles from a sharp-witted city of Woodstock, a few mins from Catskill Park and dozens of hiking trails — and it is a central, well-priced, and fun base.


Each room during Hotel Dylan is named after a rocker from a 1960’s. (PhotoHotel Dylan)

Whom it’s best for: Design and song junkies who wish to knowledge a fun and cold hotel room in a Catskills during a good price. Rooms start during $169 a night.

WATCH: Experience Nature in a Catskills: 

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