Goodbye 300? World Bowling eyes radical changes

September 24, 2014 - photo frame

INCHEON, South Korea (AP) — About a month and a half ago, Kevin Dornberger and his Swedish crony Christer Jonsson were examination a contest in Hong Kong. They done it by many of a afternoon before Jonsson, a secretary ubiquitous of a World Tenpin Bowling Association, looked during Dornberger, a boss of World Bowling.

“This is boring,” he said.

Dornberger — who has bowled given he was eight, had a 40-plus-year rival career, has rolled 16 ideal 300 games and who now heads a sport’s ubiquitous ruling physique — nodded his conduct emphatically.

“I’ve watched some-more universe championships competitions than anyone in a world,” Dornberger told The Associated Press on Wednesday on a sidelines of a Asian Games bowling foe in Incheon, South Korea. “And it has occurred to me that a people who contend we are tedious have a point.”

Dornberger’s solution, that he wants to see implemented by a 2016 World Championships in Doha, Qatar is a radical renovate of a really heart of a foe — a complicated, though to bowlers beloved, scoring system.

What he would like to see is an arrangement identical to a soccer World Cup that would array players opposite any other in a organisation format culminating in finals. Scoring, presumably usually in a finals, could be simplified into a frame-by-frame showdown. The actor winning a support would get one point. Any actor removing to 6 points would automatically be a winner, and that would be a finish of it.

Another radical idea being deliberate is to make any strike count for 30 points, no matter what a subsequent round is. Spares would count for 20. That would make a math a lot easier, though keep a 300 as a ideal measure for a diversion — a tradition many bowlers would be really unfortunate to see vanish.

“I’m open to anything given we adore a sport,” Dornberger said. “I adore tradition, though it’s critical that we turn an Olympic sport. If we have to be dragged into a 21st century to do that, I’m ok with that.”

Here’s how bowling now works:

Each diversion is damaged down into 10 frames. If a bowler rolls a strike, that depends for a 10 pins knocked down in that throw, and a pins knocked down in a subsequent dual throws. If a bowler fails to hit down all a pins on a initial throw, there’s another chance. If a bowler knocks over a remaining pins, that’s called a spare, and it depends for a 10, and however many pins that bowler knocks down in a subsequent throw. If a bowler fails to get a strike or a spare, a measure for a initial support is purebred as however many pins are knocked down in a initial dual attempts.

Simple enough, right?

Dornberger and a lot of people perplexing to figure out how to keep foe bowling out of a gutter don’t consider so.

At large ubiquitous competitions, where dozens of bowlers are personification during a same time and a winners are dynamic by accumulative scores, not finals, it’s tough for spectators to get emotionally concerned given no one knows a winners until a whole day’s foe is over.

“It took 11 1/2 hours to finish a dual rounds of play today,” pronounced Bill Hoffman, a five-time universe champion and Hall of Fame bowler who is coaching Hong Kong’s organisation during a Asian Games. “That is approach too prolonged for climaxes.”

Hoffman pronounced a changes would expected face a many antithesis from a 10 or 15 players who are during a tip of a universe standings, given a complement is operative for them a approach it is. But he combined that he thinks vital changes are compulsory to attract spectators and sponsors and win a subsidy of a International Olympic Committee.

“I consider we will see change,” he said. “I consider a attention in ubiquitous knows a need for change so that we are some-more applicable on renouned enlightenment again.”

Mike Seymour, an Australian who is a World Tenpin Bowling Association’s clamp president, pronounced a operative organisation is scheduled to make 4 or 5 proposals during an executive house assembly in Dec in Abu Dhabi.

Seymour pronounced top-level bowling could shortly start to demeanour some-more like tennis. With any diversion shorter, finals could be played in a best-out-of 3 format. But he concurred that, even for supporters of a overhaul, vouchsafing go of a enchanting 300 is tough to imagine.

“Maybe for a normal league-type actor a few some-more years down a lane if a 30-point strike complement has been determined and proven that competence take over,” he said. “I don’t like banishing a aged 300. I’m a conventionalist and I’ve been around for a prolonged time in this sport. we can’t see it being outcast forever, maybe only a change during a tip end.”

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