Gifted call: Freeze Frame for Mike Brown and Adam Jones

August 16, 2017 - photo frame

The call came in a small late from a sidelines yet like he does on a football field, Bengals cornerback Adam Jones done it work with a small invention and a lot of heart.

“We cut it right down to a wire,” says Shawn Voelker, who helped him lift it off. “I picked it adult from Frame Save in Florence and got it to him during about 10:30, 11 on a morning of a 10th.”

Aug. 10 was Bengals boss Mike Brown’s 82nd birthday and his 50th with a authorization he helped start with his father Paul Brown. He’s had Super Bowls and Pro Bowls and multiplication titles in both a AFC Central and North besting a dreaded Steelers. But Mike Brown never got a present like this. Not from a stream player.

A blueprint of Mike and Paul together examination practice.

Jones, who has incited around his life and career during 8 seasons with a Bengals that have had perplexing moments, wanted to give him something for his birthday.  Not only a gift, though. Bengals training stay non-stop final month with Jones emotionally recounting how most Brown’s support has meant to him by a good and a bad and he wanted Voelker to communicate it.

 Voelker, a Northern Kentucky artist and Bengals fan who loves to pull players, had already teamed adult with a Jones’ family for “a warn piece.” Just final year Jones’ wife, Tish, consecrated Voelker to blueprint a stage of an Adam interception uninformed from a 2016 season. On Sept. 8 from 6-9 p.m. during a Lexus River Center he’ll arrangement his best of Bengaldom in respect of a Sept. 10 opener.

“Photos are one thing, yet when you’ve got someone who puts their time and appetite into it, it comes from fundamentally their heart. we try to communicate that romantic feeling,” Voelker says. “(Jones) stressed to me how critical that it was to him. To make this a special piece. Just by him conveying that let me know it had to be something special from a heart.

“We all know Mike has been in a dilemma of a lot of these guys,” Voelker says. “Everyone has ups and downs in their lives … Mike seems to know guys are going to have ups and downs. It’s only tellurian nature. It’s good to have somebody in your dilemma like that.”

It was a discerning collaboration. Voelker and Jones on a phone. Tish in a background. Jones wanted Paul somewhere in there and a 3 motionless a stage of them together would be only right. When Voelker sent Jones a print he found on a internet, “Pac was all over it.” Voelker started it Monday, finished Wednesday, delivered it Thursday.

“It’s a rather obvious photo,” Voelker says of a design believed to be taken in a ‘80s. “There are dual photos out there that are really similar. It’s a small opposite angle. we chose a one where they’re looking out into a distance. It looks a small bit some-more legendary.”

Last year on his possess Voelker dabbled in a fable when he drew Paul Brown station on a margin in a sleet and forsaken it off during Paul Brown Stadium for Mike, a man he’s never met. Soon there came an e-mail from a dilemma bureau conveying his appreciation. When he drew them together, he combined a 50 deteriorate trademark and a tellurian touches.

“It’s OK to have small mistakes, small flaws, a small display of a brush lines,” Voelker says. “That’s OK. It conveys a feelings that most more.”

A good touch. Mike Brown seems to comprehend that everyone’s story involves flaws. In lapse Jones  perceived one of Brown’s famous handwritten appreciate we notes. He wouldn’t hold a contents, yet it looks like he’ll be creation a outing to Florence, too.

 “It’s sweet,” Jones says. “I’m going to support it.”



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