Gift ideas from Techno Claus

December 11, 2016 - photo frame

David Pogue of Yahoo Tech delivers some present suggestions for those on your list who adore gadgets:

Techno Claus clambers out of a chimney, as he does each year.

Good morning! Yes, it’s Techno Claus, your gift-suggesting friend
Appearing one night only, for your pleasure, during year’s end.
And let’s be blissful a year is over (if we competence be frank),
With Zika, Brexit, violence, that choosing — this year STANK!

Let’s spin a minds to brighter things — like what I’ve brought this year!
Some high-tech gifts, all guaranteed to widespread a small cheer.


Did we rubbish years personification Nintendo as a kid? Now we can again!

Video Games

If you, like me, are yearning for reduction awful times left by,
The Classic NES Nintendo box competence only locate your eye.
It plugs into your TV here, and presto: you’re in biz
With 30 games from days of yore (your teenage years, that is).

Digital Picture Frame

A design support that’s digital — it’s not a new ideer,
But get your folks a good one, like this Nixplay we got here.
You send your shots remotely from your laptop or your phone
And they’ll uncover adult in Shanghai, while you’re behind here in Bayonne.

The steel support looks great, and there’s a suit sensor here
The shade goes dim when it decides that nobody is near.


The Zus is for your automobile — we see, we block it in as shown:
It charges dual devices, like your inscription and your phone.
And when a night has fallen, look! It lights adult in a dark.
But best of all, it records your car’s position when we park.

An app leads we behind to it, like radar scans of old.
It’s 30 bucks in cosmetic (or 500 bucks in gold!)

Alarm Clock

Alarm clocks arise we adult with noise, like hammers in your head
But this one wakes we adult with smells, like mint, or toasted bread!
It’s called a Sensorwake, a accessible moniker because
When morning comes, a poetic smell goes wafting adult your schnozz.

And if 3 mins pass, and you’re still lyin’ there out cold,
Some song plays as backup, like shocking clocks of old.


Transfer records from a page to a digital globe with a snap.

Digital Notebook

It seems as yet all things in life go digital one day
And now, it seems, a cover has seen fit to go that way.
The Wave, it’s called. You use it with this special kind of pen
You make your shining sketches as we always have,
And afterwards …

An app, a snap, and presto! All your records are now online
It’s in your email, Google Docs, what have you. See? There’s mine!
And when it’s full, we only erase it, use again! See, demeanour —
You cocktail it in a x-ray — and simply prepare a book!

It’s all only stuff, I’ll extend we that. But hey, be of good cheer:
I’ll also try to move we all a happier subsequent year!

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