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November 18, 2016 - photo frame

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Photo albums are a thing of a past. Sure, we’re all gnawing zillions of photos on a phones, though what then? All your appreciated moments languish in a cloud, frequency seen since of their perfect volume.

Not in my house. In my residence there’s a digital print frame, that runs a incessant slideshow of a favorite memories. Sometimes Mrs. Cheapskate and we usually lay and watch it for a few minutes. Sometimes we glance a dear print in passing. Bottom line: It’s one of a many cherished possessions, since it reconnects us to people, places and events like zero else can.

Sound good? It should, generally if you’re looking for a good present for a crony or family member. And for a singular time, there’s a understanding to be had: Get 30 percent off any Nixplay Seed print frame when we request bonus formula CNET30 during checkout. That’s a Cheapskate exclusive, folks!

The Seed comes in 3 sizes — 7-, 8- and 10-inch — all of that are accessible in your choice of black, blue, mango or mulberry. The 7-inch indication would run we usually $70 after a discount, though we titillate we to splurge on a 10-inch chronicle during $119. The bigger a screen, a improved for observation from opposite a room.

Unlike digital frames of yesteryear, this one is entirely connected. It taps into your home Wi-Fi network to slurp adult photos from Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Dropbox and other online sources. It also has a possess email residence that friends and family members can use to send new photos. A messenger app (for Android and iOS) lets we upload photos directly from your phone.

In other words, left are a aged hassles of adding new pictures. The Seed is also notable for operative in possibly landscape or mural orientation. A power-saving choice activates a shade when there’s suit in a room and deactivates it when there’s not. And a energy label independently doubles as a frame’s stand, permitting for usually about any observation angle.

As we said, I’m a big fan of these. And sales are rare. This would make an extraordinary present for your relatives or grandparents, though during a same time, once we put one in your possess home, you’ll never wish to be though it again.


Bonus deal: Speaking of present items, if you’re selling for a youngster, I’m hard-pressed to suppose a some-more darling object than this: a iClever BoostCare kids cat-ear headphones for $11.89 after banking formula SVN97YCG. These connected headphones are not usually lovable as a dickens, though also safer than most: They extent a volume to 85 decibels so kids can’t incidentally (or intentionally) harm their hearing.

I can’t pronounce to a peculiarity or longevity of these, though a value here lies in a cuteness. Unfortunately, a guaranty isn’t listed anywhere. I’m checking with a businessman and will refurbish a post when we get a response. Update: 18-month warranty.

Bonus understanding 2: If you’re sleepy of sync and assign cables that don’t last, cruise spending a few additional bucks on some heavy-duty ones. Ending tomorrow, we can get 30 percent off any Nonda Zus cable when we request formula CNET30ZC during checkout.

That couple takes we to a 4-foot Lightning cable, though there’s also a microUSB version and a USB-C version. So what’s so special about these? In further to sporting accessible right-angle USB-A plugs, they’re done from braided nylon and military-grade Kevlar. Consequently, they’re corroborated by a lifetime warranty. So, in speculation it could be a final wire you’ll ever need to buy.

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