Get a Nixplay Edge 8-inch digital print support for $79.99

March 11, 2015 - photo frame

The Nixplay Edge can also be rotated for mural viewing.

Digital print frames are awesome. Well, good digital print frames are awesome. The junky, expensive, difficult ones of yesteryear? Not so awesome. And nonetheless we consider it was precisely those early-generation efforts that soured people on a idea.

Thankfully, here in 2015, support makers have gotten a lot smarter, and they’ve done their products smarter, too. And that’s because I’m tickled about today’s deal: Nixplay is charity a Edge 8-inch Wi-Fi print support for $79.99 shipped. That’s after requesting banking formula CNETUS during checkout, and it’s a lowest cost ever anywhere. (Bonus for UK shoppers: request banking formula CNETUK to get a support for £69.99!)

The Edge solves a problem with many first-gen frames: how to simply and ceaselessly supplement photos. We’re prolonged past a days of duplicating them manually from a PC or memory card; instead, a Edge slurps adult snapshots from all your social-media and cloud accounts: Dropbox, Facebook, Flickr, Instagram, Picasa and so on.

What’s more, we can allot a support a possess email address, definition we can simply send any frame-worthy new print true from your phone. That’s a super-convenient approach to share, say, your latest baby snapshots with, say, a grandparents.

Best of all, there’s no monthly cost involved. we wouldn’t compensate a monthly cost for a print support on a gamble (cough Ceiva, cough). And we think few users will need some-more than a 10GB of Nixplay cloud storage that’s enclosed — a use that includes syncing for adult to 5 frames. (That means we and far-flung family members can all be pity a same photos, that is insanely cool.) If we outgrow that, Nixplay Plus bumps we to 30GB of storage and 10 frames per account. It costs a really reasonable $19.90 per year.

The support itself measures 8 inches diagonally and sports a 1,024×768-pixel IPS display. The latter is not something we typically see in print frames, generally during this cost point, and it allows for really far-reaching observation angles. Another cold perk: a suit sensor that will activate a support when we travel in a room and deactivate it when we leave, a improved to preserve energy.

All told, this is a take during $79.99. I’ve tested a Edge myself, and it’s though doubt one of a best digital print frames to date. And check the user reviews during Amazon, that are mostly of a 4- and 5-star variety.

Bonus deal: Whether you’re formulating a how-to video or a presentation, zero beats a good screen-recording utility. Camtasia Studio is widely regarded as one of a best, though a $300 cost tag? Ouch! Fortunately, for a really singular time, AppSumo has Camtasia Studio 8 (Win) for $149 — by distant a lowest cost I’ve seen anywhere (save for a educational version, for that many of us don’t qualify). The understanding includes dual licenses, and there’s a 60-day (!) money-back guarantee.

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