Get a tradition Boombotix Bluetooth orator for $55.99

April 28, 2015 - photo frame

Sorry, ladies, this tradition griddle isn’t accessible to a ubiquitous public. But we can emanate your own!
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I’m a fool for anything custom. One of my favorite early iPhone cases was emblazoned with a print of my really possess kids. And Motorola’s Moto X smartphone with all those nifty you-pick pattern options? It was roughly adequate to get me to switch to Android. (Almost.)

You can get a lot of cold tradition things nowadays, though we didn’t know speakers were among a options. Turns out: they are!

For a singular time, we can get a Boombotix Build-A-Bot unstable Bluetooth orator for $55.99 shipped. That’s after requesting banking cheapskate during checkout. (As we might have guessed: Cheapskate exclusive!)

The Boombot Rex is tiny adequate to wear.

The Build-A-Bot is a company’s customizable chronicle of a Boombot Rex, that we discuss (and couple to) since there are no specs listed elsewhere. In other words, all we wish to know about a Build-A-Bot can be found on a Boombot Rex page.

But it’s a “building” partial that creates this understanding such fun. You get to select particular colors for a speaker’s bezel, physique and clip. It’s that shave that creates a Boombot Rex some-more unstable than a normal unstable speaker. It measures roughly 3.3 inches block and and 2.1 inches deep, so we can simply insert it to, say, your belt, a trek tag or a handlebars of your bike.

Cooler still, we can upload any picture (so prolonged as it’s not copyrighted) and Boombotix will mist it right onto a front grill! Talk about a cold Mother’s Day gift: a small orator with your smiling mop for Mom to see each time she listens to her favorite playlists.

The ruggedized, water-resistant Rex sports 4 earthy buttons that let we adjust volume, play/pause a music, and so on. It has a line-in jack for joining non-Bluetooth sources, a built-in microphone for hands-free calls and a rechargeable battery that’s good for about 8 hours of play time, according to Boombotix.

In other words, a common Bluetooth-speaker specs, though this time in a compact, wearable and customizable package. Although $79.99 is really on a pricey side for a orator of this size, $55.99 feels better, generally deliberation a customization options. And speak about a honeyed gift.

Your thoughts?

Bonus deal: Speaking of gifts, it’s tough to kick a digital print frame, generally one that connects to a Interwebs for a constantly updated collection of snapshots from friends and family. Nixplay creates a really good collection of such frames, and for a singular time, we can save 20 percent on any Nixplay Cloud Frame when we request banking formula MDAY15 during checkout.

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