Garden of a Gods ‘picture frame’ designation sees recoil from community

December 19, 2017 - photo frame

Garden of a Gods 'picture frame' designation sees recoil from community

‘Picture frame’ designation during Garden of a Gods, Photo: Larry Marr


Colorado Springs officials devise to yield some-more sum Friday about a new designation of a “picture frame” during Garden of a Gods.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau will horde a news discussion during 12:15 p.m. Friday, during a site of a frame.

Earlier on Friday, a city expelled a following statement:

 “The 8′ x 12′ support in Garden of a Gods Park was erected as a dainty and fun approach for residents and tourists comparison to share a beauty of Colorado Springs, Olympic City USA. By occupying a tiny dilemma of a South parking lot, we wish that many of a 2M annual visitors will share their memories and applaud Colorado Springs as an iconic vacation destination. No stone formations were impacted by a designation of a frame, that is adjacent to a parking lot. The plcae and designation will be re-evaluated during a finish of 2018. No taxation dollars were spent on a frame, as it was donated.”

The city pronounced GE Johnson, a internal construction company, donated a support and a suspicion was initial presented to a Parks and Recreation house final February.

Olympic decals will be commissioned on a support Friday, a city said, permitting visitors to take “framed” photos of a scenic background,

KRDO NewsChannel 13 will be during a news discussion and will refurbish this story.


A ‘picture frame’ form designation has unexpected seemed during Garden of a Gods, and many of a village is not happy. 

What was dictated to be a square geared to visitors’ photographs has been met with backlash. 

One KRDO NewsChannel 13 spectator wrote on Facebook, “I can support my possess pictures, appreciate you. It’s utterly easy but a frame, actually, since a park is pleasing in a healthy state. we consider this thing sticks out like a bruise ride and doesn’t feel healthy during all.”

Another wrote,”What Artist suspicion that Mother Nature indispensable a frame? Why would a City rubbish income on a frame? You can not urge on a view.”

Bowiling Gillings Park Interpreter during Garden of a Gods Visitor Center told KRDO that nothing of a park’s staff was consulted or asked about a installation, and he is uncertain on who came adult with a idea. 

The designation is located on a south side of Garden of a Gods by a High Point Overlook off Ridge Road.

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