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August 27, 2017 - photo frame

We all consternation what Nikon or Canon’s subsequent camera is going to be like or how will amicable media channels that impact a business develop in a nearby future. But what about a apart destiny of photography? Let’s see some predictions about a photography, rigging and business.

Some of these competence sound like utopian predictions, though deliberation a fast evolvement in technology, it is utterly expected that some competence come loyal earlier than anticipated. So, formed on my personal implications and with a assistance of some Fstoppers writers, we collected a sequential list:

2022 – Nikon announces D900, a smaller DSLR with 75-megapixel resolution and 8K video capability.

2023 – A photographer finally manages to amass $1,000 of sales on batch photography. (by Jerome Courtial)

2024 – Canon announces a initial medium-format camera: Canon EOS 3D.

2025 – HDD becomes archaic and finger-sized M2 drives are used in pocket-sized NAS systems.

2027 – Leica declares bankruptcy.

2027 – Fstoppers publishes a 500th camera bag review

2028 – Fujifilm insists on skipping full-frame mirrorless cameras.

2029 – AmazonBasics full-frame mirrorless camera becomes a tip seller. Compatible with all vital lens brands and sizes. Free to Amazon Prime users with total cloud storage. (by Mike Stuart)

2029 – Google finally launches Google Glass with an softened camera.

2030 – Google cancels Google Glass plan due to complaints about privacy.

2030 – 8K monitors turn a new standard.

2030 – Sony mirrorless camera owners still use their cameras with Metabones adapters.

2031 – Sony increases battery life by 10 percent on their A-series.

2032 – The mural of a new U.S. boss is shot by a new iPhone Z.

2032 – Stills photographers will totally be transposed by videographers. 50-megapixel images will be means to be pulled from a 16K video footage. AI will name a best shots so no need for art directors. (by Paul Zuckerberg)

2033 – Sony introduces lens-shaped cameras with a sensor embedded inside a glass.

A Photography Studio (California, 2032)

2033 – AI will reinstate retouchers. (by Paul Zuckerberg)

2034 – People can sequence custom-made cameras from large companies.

2035 – True hybrid cameras (combination of DSLR and mirrorless) turn common.

2036 – FPS in sports photography is not an emanate anymore as many users collect a best support from their 32K 240fps videos.

2037 – Product photography totally dies due to evolvement of photo-realistic CGI.

2037 – Wedding photographers start carrying financial problems as a programmed wordless drones turn common in industry.

2038 – Architectural photographers no longer exist, one-week lerned operators indicate a buildings and AI do a rest.

2038 – E-commerce companies no longer sinecure full-time conform photographers, they sinecure 3D artists and use charcterised tellurian models for display a products on model.

2039 – Last Pentax user dies during a age of 60.

2040 – HDR becomes renouned again by hipsters.

2041 – Street photography becomes singular as people and places from all around a universe turn identical.

2045 – Photo tours to a South Pole start from 0.0005 bitcoin after a effects of tellurian warming.

2047 – People don’t even worry to constraint special moments with their phones, they can buy and download all kind of photos from Facebook, that marks people everywhere in a scrape of time.

2050 – 16-core, 32 thread chips are used in cameras and all estimate can be finished in camera and mobile devices.

2055 – First quantum mechanism for consumers is introduced by Apple, five years after Microsoft.

2060 – Videographers start losing jobs, once again since of 3D technology.

2070 – The final photographer who warranted income from photography dies of a heart attack.

According to this unfolding from a photographer’s perspective, it seems like we will be vital in a dystopia where photography will be like a golden oldie. If we have your possess predictions, greatfully share in a comments sections next while we are all enjoying photography.

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