Funny animal cinema awards – who’s in a frame?

October 1, 2015 - photo frame

There’s a chimpanzee lifting a center finger to a lens, a red squirrel behaving what looks like a kung fu flog and an huge womanlike praying mantis with a caption: “Husband? What husband?”

Go ape. Photograph: Gil Gofer/Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards

Entries are pinging into a initial Comedy Wildlife Photography awards, that will certainly develop into a Oscars of photography awards given that we are enjoying a golden age for formulating and pity humorous animal pictures.

‘Husband? What husband?’ Photograph: Melissa Kay Valente/Comedy Wildlife Photography awards

The awards are a brainchild of wildlife photographer Paul Joynson-Hicks, who, in 20 years as a wildlife photographer formed in Tanzania, has beheld that his bestselling images are occasionally a many artistic or pleasing compositions though a ones that make people laugh.

‘Laughing Moose.’ Photograph: Sami Rahkonen/Comedy Wildlife Photography awards

A judging row of photographers, conservationists and comedians, including Hugh Dennis, Kate Humble and Will Travers, co-founder of a Born Free Foundation, will name 40 finalists after a foe closes during midnight on 1 October, before selecting a leader and dual runners-up during an awards rite in London on 11 November.

Joynson-Hicks hopes that focusing on a joyous side of furious animals (pictures taken in zoos aren’t eligible) will inspire charge efforts. “The news is so awful, generally in Tanzania, where a poaching conditions is only desperate, though hopefully this foe will inspire people towards charge rather than guilt-inducing them towards conservation,” he says.

Hey! Good looking. Photograph: Christina Alexander/Comedy Wildlife Photography awards

Points will be awarded for technical inclination and a smart heading as good entertainment value. Most of a entries so distant are of mammals, reflecting a fact that we’re mostly tickled by creatures that remind us of ourselves, though front-runners embody an comical bird and “a integrate of funny-shaped sponges”, reveals Joynson-Hicks.

The judges might be divided over a winner: Joynson-Hicks says he’s peaceful to be “boisterous” though thinks Travers is rather some-more supportive to a grace of furious animals and a fact that this isn’t an forgive to giggle during them.

Woodpecker drifting with weasel on a back! Photograph: Martin Le May/Peter Lawson/East News Press Agency

Surely pledge photographer Martin Le-May’s snap of a weasel hitching a lift on a immature woodpecker, that went viral progressing this year, is a favourite? “It’s an unusual picture though let’s wait and see,” says Joynson-Hicks. “There are utterly a few other really humorous ones.”

‘Help we’re stuck!’ Photograph: Tim Clifton/Comedy Wildlife Photography awards

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