Fundraising night during VFW advantages Plains Cemetery

November 9, 2017 - photo frame

It was a Friday night out to suffer some homemade tacos with friends and support a annual Plains Cemetery Fundraiser.

The Plains VFW Post No. 3596 was full of hum and delight as locals converged during a gymnasium prepared to bid on some locally done items.

We had about 80 people attend, so we are unequivocally happy with a spin out, Ken Jones said.

Though sum are still removing finalized, Jones pronounced a sum will lay around $4,000 for a fundraiser, or about $12,000 brief of their aim series to finish a irrigation complement for a tomb grounds.

Plains internal tack auctioneer Chris Borntreger Sr. got a throng warmed adult before he took off during a million miles an hour offered pies, buckles and one large furious equine bolt print frame.

There were a few standout bidders on a night as a integrate of prohibited equipment combined an sparkling atmosphere for those in attendance.

Hands down a hottest object of a night was a homemade cheesecake donated by Dog Hill Bistro that sole for some-more than a integrate hundred dollars. It was sliced into decadent pieces, that were sole off before a throng got behind to a some-more amicable partial of a night.

Glen Rummel was also presented with a board for his many years served on a cabinet for a Plains Cemetery. He was praised for his loyalty to a maintain and painting of many residents final resting place.

His prototype Plains Chief of Police Shawn Emmett presented a Rummels (wife Darlene included) with a board acknowledging over 40 years of good use to a internal tomb and tiny community.

The many romantic partial of a night for a cabinet was a interjection given to pivotal members of a village such as Glen and Darlene, pronounced Jones.

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