Fund this: Pigeon is a digital print support for grandparents

February 27, 2015 - photo frame


Keith Beckley

Digital print frames never held on in a large way. Maybe they were too pricey, maybe a early-gen products were too many of a pain to refurbish and left a bad ambience in consumers’ mouths.

That’s a shame, since in speculation they’re awesome. An ever-changing print slideshow of your friends and desired ones? Yep, I’m a fan.

So if someone designed a hassle-free frame, could it revive this mostly asleep category? Engineer Keith Beckley is aiming to be that someone; his Kickstarter plan Pigeon bills itself as a “ultimate Wi-Fi frame.”

Available in dual unfortunately named versions, Winkie and White Vision, a 10-inch Pigeon works like many other connected frames: block it in, bond it to a home network, and in brief sequence cinema start appearing. However, where other frames couple to amicable networks and/or need photos to be emailed to a special address, a Pigeon will rest on free, cloud-powered Android and iOS apps.


Keith Beckley

In other words, when we wish to send new snapshots to Grandma, we only open a app, select cinema from your print library, and daub Send. And it works with videos, too; a support has built-in speakers for listening to audio. (It’s also Bluetooth-enabled if we wish to tide song from a phone or tablet.)

Other facilities embody a suit sensor that turns a support on when we come in a room (to assistance safety electricity when you’re not around), a new-content warning that notifies we (or Grandma) that new cinema have arrived, a captivating behind for easy fridge-mounting, and a choice of musical frames to make a Pigeon demeanour some-more like a normal design support and reduction like a square of tech.

Admittedly, I’ve seen many of these facilities on other digital frames, trimming from a dearly over Kodak Pulse to a some-more stream Nixplay Edge. The one pivotal disproportion appears to be a app, that is indeed a many easier resolution than carrying to email your photos.

The Pigeon has a $50,000 debate goal, with early backers means to get a Winkie indication starting during $119. It’s approaching to boat in September.

My relatives and several family members all have connected frames, and they love them. we adore ours as well. If a Pigeon proves to be smarter than a normal frame, it could be utterly friendly as well.

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