Frontier reunion

June 18, 2018 - photo frame

Saturday night there were approximately 132 sum alumni and or guests. The dusk started by induction during a doorway and amicable hour began during 6:00 p.m. At 7:00 p.m. a alumni collected outward a hotel during a retreat for a veteran category design taken by Mark Stewart of Stewart Photography. Anyone still meddlesome in purchasing a 8×10 organisation print can still do so for a $15 charge. The $15 assign includes a print and mailing charges. Call 740-374-4026 if we are interested.

Throughout a weekend a alumni browsed by design albums, throw books, year books, looked during a memorabilia list and watched a slip uncover of prior reunions and functions a alumni has been concerned in. A memory list was dedicated to a classmates from 1969-1990 that have left forward of us. The arrangement is to respect a defunct classmates; their comparison design is placed in a print manuscript and afterwards placed in their suitable year of graduation. A singular candle was illuminated in their memory. The list also reason a design support with any defunct classmates name in it. Adorning a list was a pleasing arrangement with 6 pleasing yellow roses, donated by Oopsa Daisy Florist in Newport.

Gary Hewitt (1970) gave a blessing before a smorgasboard styled cooking began. The organisation from Tasteful Occassions Catering that is managed by Jason Ware served a organisation their primary rib and duck dinner. For dessert, cake was enjoyed by all. FHS cougar conduct cakes iced in FHS colors were combined and flashy by a gifted Dawn Walls Gutberlet (1988). Also creation their approach to a dessert list were 4 specialty cakes. (hoho, lemon, and 2 peanut butter) Door prizes were won via a dusk that were supposing by area merchants and alumni. Winners were asked to appreciate a business owners who donated as a leader went to collect their prize. The internal rope Fourth Link played after dinner. The rope consists of all Frontier alumni, from a category of 1983 is Phil Petty, Brian Fouty 1989, Jesse Eddy 1997, Josh Davis 2003, James Perrine 2002, and Jimmy Roux.

Jeff Beaver (1976) boss of a organisation spoke about some of a events that have occurred via a year. In a tumble of 2017 many of a alumni worked a benefaction mount during a FHS homecoming football game, so that a relatives who generally work concessions could watch a homecoming football game. On May 5, 2018 a alumni reason their seventh annual golf hasten during a St. Marys Golf Course in St. Marys, WV. On May 25, 2018 dual seniors during Frontier High School were both awarded a $500.00 grant during graduation. Committee members work tough to acquire income that goes to a FHS 1969-1990 grant account and towards special projects during a school. If we would like information on any of a activities a alumni participates in, greatfully hit a cabinet member from any of a years 1969-1990. We acquire assistance on any and all that we do. We are looking for someone to paint a classes of 1973, 1974 (need someone locally), 1977, 1980, 1983, 1984,1988, and 1989. While a cabinet does work tough during their events/projects most fun is had by all. Class Representatives and cabinet members are as follows: 1969-Class Representatives Garland Lauer Valentine and Becky Minger Wagner, and cabinet member Jody Gale Hewitt 1970-Class Representatives Kathy Hoff Griffin and Gary Hewitt, and cabinet member Paul Valentine 1971-Class Representative Elmeda Hanlon 1972-Class Representative Sue Davidson Turner 1973-committee member Rick Tustin 1974-Class Representative Terry Valentine 1975- Class Representative Cindy Evans Amos (secretary) and Carol Williams Smith 1976-Class Representative Jeff Beaver (President) and Judy Morris Rutherford (Treasurer) cabinet members, Cathy Beaver, Paula McPeek Creighton (Vice-President), Kathy Satterfield Tustin, Pam Mendenhall Walters 1977-No Representative 1978-Class Representative Denise Handschumacher Davis and Sam Howard 1979- No Class Representative 1980-No Class Representative 1981-Class Representative Jeff Knowlton and cabinet member Alice Cline Hurte and Jay Martin 1982-Class Representative Bryon Sunderman 1983-No Representative and cabinet member Peggy Joy Thomas 1984-No Class Representative and cabinet members Missy Beaver, Todd Collins 1985-Class Representative Connie Binegar Martin 1986-Class Representative Tammie Hines Sunderman 1987-Class Representative Deidra Leister Lane 1988 and 1989 no Class Representative and 1990-Class Representative Kathy Beaver Stewart.

A live auction was reason with several equipment being auctioned off. Donnie VanWey (1982) being some what of an auctioneer started a behest off on a domestic wooden pendulum styled time combined and donated by Sam Howard (1978). At one indicate there was a behest fight though Peggy Joy Thomas (1983) became a unapproachable owners of a Sam Howard (1978) strange clock. On Friday night tickets were sole to alumni in hopes of winning a second pendulum styled time donated by Sam Howard (1978). Adam Springer (1979) became a unapproachable owners of his new time by a raffle sales. Sue Davidson Turner (1972) crocheted and donated a lapghan in FHS colors. High bidder and leader of a lapghan was Bryon Sunderman (1982). Elmeda Hanlon (1971) quilted and donated a handmade quilt. High bidder and leader of a coverlet was Cheryl Binegar Thomas (1971). Christine Christian West (1972) constucted and donated a angel garden that was won by Troy Barth (1983). Also donated by Christine Christian West (1972) was a poetic stained potion candle hilt that was won by Elmeda Hanlon (1971).

FHS Alumni Association 1969-1990 will reason their 9th annual category reunion on Jun 07 and 08, 2019. More sum closer to time of a reunion will be sent to alumni from 1969-1990. We try to send to your email addresses and amicable media first, afterwards USPS; it is critical to make certain we have your stream information. Unfortunately, we could not find any information on a lot of a classmates, greatfully hit 740-374-4026 so we can get we current.

The following classmates were in attendance:


Marla Binegar Arthur, Linda Heiney Danver, Jody Gale Hewitt and Rick, Charles (Greg) Steele, Garland Lauer Valentine, Becky Minger Wagner


Randy Boley, Kathy Hoff Griffin, Gary Hewitt and Peggy, Paul Valentine


Elmeda Hanlon, Mike Jarvis, Wanda Alderman Jarvis, Cheryl Binegar Thomas, Tim Turner


Cathy Marshall Binegar and Linda, Carolyn Resovsky Buddie and Linda, Susan Heiney Edgar, Christine Christian West and Wayne, Sue Davidson Turner


Sue Beaver Congleton, Bob Edgar, Rick Tustin


Cecil Thomas, Karen Gumm Farris and Fred


Cindy Evans Amos, Jane Beattey and Mary, Jerri Phillips Caspillo, Keith Gutberlet, and Winnie, Carol Williams Smith, Ronald Smithberger and Tina


Jeff Beaver and Cathy, Jeff Becker, Paula McPeek Creighton and Marilyn, Bill Greenwood,

Judy Morris Rutherford and Sam, Kathy Satterfield Tustin


Jeff Binegar and Vickie, Lloyd Morris and Becky, Wilda Phillips Sanders


Teresa Courtney Beach, David Brightwell, Albert Estes, Sam Howard, Robert (Dave) Minder and Becky, Melody Quick, Margie Riggs, Marjorie Estes Hensel Rogers, Audie Ruble and Bobbie, Sherry Reynolds Taylor, Brenda Rake Turner, Tammy Hewitt Welch


Gary Armstrong and Beverly, Rick Booth and Kelly, Robert Handschumaker, Belinda Estes Hess, Paul Metz, Adam Springer


Bruce Greenwood, Lee Henegar Howard, Beth Weckbacher Marshall and Roy, Terri Reynolds Rick


Pam Bowersock Handschumaker, Alice Cline Hurte, Eric Klintworth, Jay Martin


Ruthie Amos Cochran, Valerie Dye McPeek, Susan Rake, Bryon Sunderman, Donnie VanWey, Debra Newlen Wheeler, Tim Williams


Troy Barth and Tamela, Kris Hearn Brockmeier, Tom Brunoni and Susan,Betty Johnson Harris, Angela Beavers Muntz, Phil Petty, Robin Biehl Poling and Barry, Peggy Joy Thomas, Teresa Hanes Ullman and Mark


Karen Eisenbarth, Mike Rinard and Elizabeth


Bryan Fickiesen, Cheryl Weckbacher Handschumaker, Tom Handschumaker, Connie Binegar Martin, Dianna Steinhoff Springer


Amy Dunn Petty, Tammie Hines Sunderman, Ferrin Thomas, Jeff Webber


Kelly Cochran Brady, Donna Brightwell Lambert


Kristi Pritchett Leonard, Vincent Miller and Amy, Eric Wagner and Gayla


Jeff Douglas


Gina Caspillo


Dave Brookover


Josh Davis, James Perrine and Tiffany


Jenna Rowland Davis


Bob Anderson

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