Fresno Councilman Steve Brandau says tenants emanate many ‘slum housing’ problems

May 12, 2016 - photo frame

Fresno City Councilman Steve Brandau believes insane tenants emanate a immeasurable infancy of a city’s problems with poor housing.

The Fresno Bee’s investigation, “Living in Misery,” found many of a city’s lowest and many exposed residents live in diseased and vulnerable conditions.

Brandau pronounced during an talk on KMJ radio Tuesday that, by some estimates, “slumlords” are obliged for 10 to 25 percent of a issues during unit complexes around a city. Further, he said, poor housing is not as large a problem as a H2O predicament in Flint, Mich.

That was in response to a quote by Sergio Cortes of a reside advocacy organisation No More Slumlords in a story following The Bee’s investigation. Cortes said, “Instead of a H2O crisis, this is Fresno’s housing crisis.”

Brandau sees it differently. That strenuous problem, he told radio horde John Broeske, is “slum tenants,” and suggested such tenants could paint 75 percent of a problem.

“We need a four-month review on dive tenants,” he said.

During an talk Wednesday, Brandau malleable his stance, observant a problem is extensive and won’t go divided if usually a landlords are addressed. Some of a weight contingency also be put on tenants, he said.

Brandau pronounced poor housing is a sign of misery and that a city has attempted to residence it.

“I don’t wish a review to be that a city of Fresno is like Flint, Michigan, being entirely wakeful of a problem and doing zero to residence it,” he said.

Brandau certified that a accurate ratio of tenant- vs. landlord-caused problems is not famous though pronounced supervision creates projections like that all a time.

A formula coercion charge force is building a slight interior-inspection module for apartments. Part of a idea is to figure out only how many poor units exist in Fresno.

City Councilman Oliver Baines pronounced tenants share some shortcoming for Fresno’s poor housing crisis. But he says no one should state definitively that many poor housing is a error of tenants.

Baines also pronounced a city has some-more to do to residence poor housing conditions. “We have a prolonged ways to go to removing it entirely resolved,” he said. “There’s going to be a prolonged fight. This is a beginning, not a center or a end.”

Brandau concurred on a KMJ uncover that a problem is a “heavy lift.” He pronounced city officials have been doing all they can to residence housing issues.

But he pronounced it’s not a city’s pursuit to make certain residences are giveaway of vermin, such as cockroaches or mice, pursuit any try to exterminate those problems “a fool’s errand with taxpayer money.”

“It’s a pursuit to make certain that during a properties in Fresno, we don’t have roofs caving in, we don’t have mold growth, we don’t have bad electrical problems,” he said. “That’s infrastructural form stuff.”

California law states that let units might be deliberate unlivable if they enclose nuisances that discredit health and safety, such as rodents and vermin. Bugs and rodents are associated with health issues including asthma, skin rashes, viruses and ear infections.

Fresno orator Mark Standriff pronounced one of formula enforcement’s tasks is to bring landlords for vermin issues.

Brandau pronounced Wednesday that vermin can’t be addressed only by a city. He pronounced team-work among a city, landlord and reside are required to get absolved of problems like cockroaches, and that conditions like mold and damaged gas lines should be prioritized.

On KMJ, Brandau also pronounced some residents select not to news their vital conditions, not out of fear, though since they don’t wish authorities to see other things. He cited meth labs, marijuana-growing operations, overcrowding, tenants not on a lease, children though beds or “the pollution they emanate themselves.”

During a talk Wednesday, Brandau pronounced inattentive skill owners are partial of a problem, though other components – namely reside shortcoming – contingency be addressed.

“I’m a runner cleaner prolonged before I’m a city councilman,” he said. “And we see a lot of this things firsthand.”

Staff author Barbara Anderson contributed to this report.

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