‘Freeze Frame’ print array captures a connection of scholarship and nature

January 24, 2017 - photo frame

Noanet Falls — Peter Dreyer

Overwhelmed with sleet and ice? Perhaps a demeanour during Peter Dreyer’s photos, now on arrangement during a Vineyard Haven library, will move a newfound appreciation of a healthy beauty of winter.

Mr. Dreyer’s series, “Freeze Frames,” gives a spectator an up-close demeanour during a perplexing patterns combined by ice and frost. Crystalline formations, serf bubbles, lacy silhouettes, and sculpturally distinguished icicles are customarily some of a subjects in a photographer’s fascinating array of black-and-white shots.

The photos are pleasing when noticed as abstractions alone, and even some-more so as a array of a designs wrought by nature. The photos were taken over a march of a few years, here on Martha’s Vineyard and during a reservation in a Boston area, Mr. Dreyer’s former home.

Noanet Ice with Leaf
Noanet Ice with Leaf

In a artist matter concomitant a exhibit, a photographer explains his mindfulness with a effects of frozen temps on nature: “Severity of temperature, freezing, thawing, and refreezing, a transformation of H2O before frozen — all minister to images of an epitome quality. Black-and-white photography is of march a step toward condensation in that it strips a universe of a color. But then, ice is not colorful to start with. Its beauty lies in a bubbles, cracks, and bizarre and opposite forms and patterns sealed into a ice surface, with leaves and other healthy objects infrequently providing scale.”

Mr. Dreyer clearly has a passion for a detailed routine and a intensity for formulating singular images. He shoots customarily with film, as against to digital, and develops his possess work in his home darkroom.

“I adore black-and-white,” Mr. Dreyer told The Times. “I’ve always tended toward epitome motifs.”

The suspicion for a “Freeze Frame” array came about while Mr. Dreyer was vital in Westwood. “One winter we stepped out on a deck. we shot some engaging ice patterns,” he said. “I thought, ‘I should do some-more of this.’ we went into a woods, and we started erratic around there with my 4-by-5 camera. You have to projection around a difficult camera and a tripod to fire large-format. we was anticipating engaging patterns, sleet that had melted and refrozen. It was fascinating stuff. That was my initial tour in art photography.”

The ensuing array was exhibited during dual galleries in Boston. Since then, Mr. Dreyer has combined to a “Freeze Frame” preference of photos. Some of a images have been altered by several techniques. For example, one picture of an icy stone in a creek was combined regulating mixed brief exposures. “While issuing H2O in these ice cinema customarily looks roughly black, in this instance a H2O aspect looks totally different,” he said. “It has some-more detail.”

Another array that Mr. Dreyer has enjoyed operative on is called “Reverse-Reflex”: double-exposure images in that a same stage is noticed concurrently right-side-up and inverted for an surprising thoughtfulness effect. The photographer constructed these with a double bearing — branch a camera 180 degrees to emanate matching images clearly rising from any other.

Although this outcome could have been combined by utilizing a strange image, Mr. Dreyer prefers to use his possess perfected processes to emanate engaging viewpoints. “I do difficult stuff,” he said. “People say, ‘Peter, with Photoshop we can do in 10 mins what it takes we all day to do.’ we have honour in a darkroom.”

Ice on Buckmaster Pond
Ice on Buckmaster Pond

Another series, patrician “Photogram/Photographs,” was combined with a technique popularized by a surrealist artist Man Ray. Photograms are constructed with detailed materials, such as light-sensitive paper, though but a camera. Mr. Dreyer has taken a routine one step over by copy conformation spook images of objects superimposed over credentials photos.

This confluence to aged methods comes in partial from a photographer’s background. Born in Germany, Mr. Dreyer changed to Boston in 1962 to take a pursuit as translator with a Christian Science Monitor. During his time with that publication, he grown an seductiveness in filmmaking, and worked on documentaries for a paper. Eventually, he founded his possess business operative as a corporate and industrial photographer.

With a arise of digital photography, Mr. Dreyer late in 2012 and changed to a Vineyard with his wife.

On-Island, Mr. Dreyer has shown his work during a Granary Gallery and a Louisa Gould Gallery. The stream vaunt during a library outlines a initial Island arrangement of a “Freeze Frame” series.

Peter Dreyer’s photographs will be on arrangement during a Vineyard Haven library as partial of a Art in a Stacks array via a month of January. For some-more information, revisit dreyerphoto.com or vhlibrary.org.

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