Frameworks One: A Backlit Photo Frame Inspired by a World of Vinyl Records

December 16, 2014 - photo frame


What if displaying your favorite photos were some-more like personification your favorite vinyl records? A integrate of Swedish designers wish to deliver a identical ecosystem of “discs,” sleeves, and “players” to a universe of imitation frames. The thought is called a Frameworks One, a backlit support for printed photos that can fast be physically substituted in and out.

It’s a product for people who “love a palliate of digital photography though still have a vanquish on analog prints,” says creators Pelle Beckman and David Bonsib, dual architects formed in Stockholm.

10×10-inch prints for a support are systematic by a company’s smartphone apps, and arrive during your doorstep in a pleasing sleeve (again, suggestive of vinyl).


Swapping photos in and out is finished by stealing a tip territory of a frame, that provides entrance to a imitation within:

Prints that aren’t now being displayed can be stored (with their sleeves) inside special storage boxes:


The support itself facilities a doorknob for selecting your preferred turn of brightness:

Here are some additional photographs:






Beckman and Bonsib are perplexing to lift appropriation for a Frameworks One over on Kickstarter, where it was comparison as a Kickstarter Staff Pick. However, a ubiquitous village hasn’t been as eager about a plan — so distant they’ve lifted reduction than 1/10 of their ~$200K idea and there’s reduction than a week to go.

The strange conveyance date for a initial collection of Framework One units is scheduled for Jun 2015, though we’ll have to see either a plan cinema brazen even if they’re incompetent to secure crowdsourced funding.

Frameworks (via Fubiz)

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