Frame Those Memories on Your Walls

January 11, 2015 - photo frame

The fondest memories of my childhood are those of a visit family transport trips when my father would be bustling clicking pleasing cinema on his Yashica camera in sequence to constraint all a moments of togetherness.

Once we were behind home, a concerned wait for a film to be grown and printed began so that we could relive a outing all over again!

In this digital age, even yet cinema are permitted on a intelligent inclination with a hold of a finger, there is still something undying about a earthy imitation adorning a home and a large partial of a nostalgia is about how we fit these memories in a ideal frame.

We should start by identifying a walls where we will arrangement a appreciated photos. Try not to confusion these walls with paintings and prints as they tend to obstruct a courtesy divided from a genuine things of life.

Designate a wall to a collage of family portraits and if we can puncture deeper and get selected photographs of your grandparents, even better. An all black-and- white imitation collage on a wall would be great. Choose country frames or exuberant ones though make certain they all speak in a cohesive voice and tell a same story. Choose small tabletop frames for those special landscape cinema we have taken and place them around your bedside.

And if we wish to support your marriage design or a gratifying function, afterwards a small bling on a support would be perfect. Just make certain that such images have a special place in your home so that they are not mislaid among a visible clutter.

While selecting a print frame, a pretence is always to keep in mind a colors of your home. The frames should not mix in too most and conjunction should they cocktail out and take divided from a design that we support in it!                 

— Meghna Vakada is a co-owner of Barley Grapes cafeteria in Whitefield

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