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January 7, 2016 - photo frame

(TALBOTT) Julie Mutterspaugh now knows a energy of amicable media.

After a outing to a KARM Thrift Store in Talbott and a discerning post to Facebook, she was means to move a grin to a internal woman’s face.

“I was looking for a design support for my step-daughter’s artwork,” pronounced Mutterspaugh. “I had some things to dump off there, so we thought, ‘Oh, I’ll only check there unequivocally quick,’ and only found this print frame. When we came home to purify it up, we found a marriage design inside of it.”

The lady in a print is Charlotte Cunningham.

She upheld divided final August.

Her family was in a routine of cleaning out her home when a support got mislaid in a shuffle.

“I indeed was a small unhappy since we was meditative that somebody substantially had mislaid a marriage picture,” pronounced Mutterspaugh.

Mutterspaugh posted a print to Facebook.

She pronounced she could not move herself to chuck someone else’s memories away.

Her friends speedy her to make a post public, and they began sharing.

In only 24 hours, a family was found.

“I saw it, and we thought, ‘Wow, that looks like Charlotte,'” pronounced Lori Rose.

Rose is married to Charlotte’s nephew.  

“So we common it again on Facebook, and we tagged Charlotte’s daughter, Teresa Dotson,” pronounced Rose. “I said, ‘Is this your mom?’ About an hour or so later, she sent me an ‘OMG it is!'”

The design was incited behind in a frame. Charlotte’s daughter didn’t even know it existed.

“She was only flabbergasted,” pronounced Rose.

Her relatives divorced when she was really young, so a print means a good understanding to her and her family.  

“I consider it’s smashing that she would take a time out of her day to share that print only so that we could get it back,” pronounced Rose. “It’s extraordinary that people are that kind-hearted.”

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