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August 6, 2015 - photo frame

One in 10 take a selfie during slightest once a week – definition an estimated 1.2 billion selfies were taken final year, according to Ofcom.

Rather than being printed out to accoutre a wall or bedside table, selfies are circulated on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. One-fifth of adults surveyed described themselves as being “hooked” on on amicable media.

Famous faces are fuelling a recognition of selfies – a design taken by Oscars horde Ellen DeGeneres during a 2014 ceremony, featuring stars Jennifer Lawrence, Julie Roberts, Brad Pitt and Bradley Cooper swarming into a shot, became a many retweeted photographer in Twitter history.

The Oscar selfie  Photo: Ellen DeGeneres

Nine out of 10 people in a 16-24 age organisation use a mobile phone, rather than digital camera, to take pictures. More than one-third of them take during slightest 10 photographs per week, and 8 per cent take some-more than 50.

Around 75 per cent of immature people store their cinema digitally, compared to usually 39 per cent of a over-65s. However, reduction than a third of adults behind adult their digital photographs, definition they are during risk of being lost.

The total were contained in Ofcom’s Communications Market Report, that also documented a approach that a recognition of smartphones is rewriting a manners of amicable etiquette.

Four in 10 people acknowledge to checking their phone during a cooking table, and one in 3 adults collect adult a phone within 5 mins of waking adult – a latter figure rising to 49 per cent among 18-24-year olds.

Handwritten cards sojourn a many renouned approach of wishing a crony or family member happy birthday, though 15 per cent of adults now communicate their best wishes around amicable media, with 7 per cent selecting to send zero though a birthday content message.

But Britons send some-more mail than they accept – posting an normal of 6 letters, cards or parcels per month (down from 6.7 per cent a prior year), though accept an normal of 8.5 equipment – with bills and business letters accounting for a discrepancy. Only 9 per cent of mail is categorised as “social” – sent between friends and family – rather than for business or selling purposes.

Older people are some-more expected to send letters and parcels – a over-55s send an normal of 7.9 equipment per month, a figure that drops to usually 4 equipment among 16-34-year-olds.

Asked that device they would skip a many if it were taken away, 59 per cent of 16-24-year-olds chose a smartphone. But usually dual per cent of over-75s pronounced a same – instead, their strenuous choice was a television, followed by a radio.

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