Florida lottery winner’s Maine hometown vivacious he won a large prize

January 13, 2018 - photo frame

Shane Missler walked down Mandalay Avenue in Clearwater Beach in Mar 2017 and stopped during a statue of Hulk Hogan for a ideal print op.

With one armed flexed and a other shot true out, he had his design taken subsequent to a famed wrestler while distinguished a Hulksters signature pose. Above Misslers head, ideally prisoner in a photos frame, were a difference “Filthy Rich.”

Sure, it was a name of a valuables store, though it was also an implausible bit of foreshadowing.

Nicholas Guild, a crony Missler was with a day a print was taken, laughs during it now. Its as if Missler was always watchful for something good to happen, according to a high propagandize buddy.

“He knew he was unfailing for it,” pronounced Guild, 21.

Missler, 20, of Port Richey, this week became a solitary leader of a fourth-largest Mega Millions kitty of all time: $451 million. He opted to take a lump-sum remuneration and, after taxes, his loot came to $211,406,249.25.

Since then, Missler has been dodging a spotlight, other than releasing some prepared statements and a Facebook standing thanking everybody for their good wishes.

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His phone is floating up, his amicable media is flooded with money-hungry commenters, and a village in Maine where he grew adult is dumbfounded though overjoyed.

“He is a good child and has a heart of gold,” pronounced former classmate Anthony York, 21.

Missler is from a tiny city outward Augusta, Maine, and graduated with about 140 students from Spruce Mountain High School in 2015. He played ball and soccer and managed a schools basketball team.

When his father got a new pursuit in Florida shortly after graduation, Missler came down to a Sunshine State with him.

Back in Maine, Missler is a speak of a town. Guild has had several people ask him if hes still tighten with his former soccer teammate. The dual final saw any other during Guilds Clearwater vacation in March.

“Hes one of a many inspirational people we know,” Guild said. “Hes told me so many times not to rubbish my potential.”

In Florida, Missler had a pursuit during internal credentials screening company, that he has given happily left.

Guild pronounced Missler is tighten with his father, Stephen Missler. His mom died in 2006 from cancer, Guild said, bringing a Missler fruit a integrate had another son and dual daughters even closer together.

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“His father did a lot for him,” Guild said. “I know hes going to compensate him behind and do something intelligent with a money.”

In August, Missler posted on amicable media he couldnt wait to win a Powerball that entrance Saturday. Friends contend Missler is correct over his age and has always been certain and certain good happening was headed his way.

In other ways, Missler is what youd design a 20-year-old to be. He loves Boston sports teams, a Celtics especially. In 2016 he paid money for his initial car, a 2004 Suburu Outback.

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He is a outrageous fighting and wrestling fan. The Rocky cinema are among his favorite he once ran by a behind roads of Jay, Maine, after soccer practice, behind Guilds lorry most like Sylvester Stallones character.

At 20, Guild said, Missler was still reckoning out what career he wanted to pursue. He was forgetful of owning a square of skill with adequate space for a dog though figured it wouldnt come until he was a bit older.

“Live a life youve always wanted,” Guild texted his crony after he listened a news. Missler sent back, “thanks, brother.”

Missler final visited his friends and family in Maine around Christmas. Guild couldnt get off work during his preference store pursuit to see him.

“Gotta compensate a bills,” Guild pronounced with a laugh.

We all cant be lottery winners, after all.

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