Flixi is a design support that promises not to repairs your walls

June 10, 2015 - photo frame

Everyone likes to uncover off photos of their friends and family, though unresolved framed cinema can be a chore. Now, Flixi is here to make it easier to debonair adult your home with a faces of those you love.

Flixi, that is currently in a Kickstarter phase, is an innovative print support that allows we to hang cinema in reduction than one notation (or so a creators say). Instead of busting out a produce and nails, all we need is Flixi and a double-sided square of 3M Command glue tape.

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The tip of a support is in a patent-pending WallSnap accessory. The WallSnap is an anchoring complement with stretch feet that adheres to a wall. It comes with a turn to assistance we make certain it’s ideally horizontal, and a feet keep a fasten from adhering until it’s scrupulously placed.

Once we have a WallSnap centered and affixed, we can supplement a print of your choice into a Flixi frame. Flixi comes with a shatter-proof, stretchable window that simply slides over a design to keep it safe. With your print framed and ready, we can simply place Flixi onto a WallSnap anchor, and voila!

Flixi comes in 8 opposite colors trimming from electric blue to simple black, and it’s stoical of a durable ABS creosote – a same cosmetic used to emanate LEGO blocks. When you’re prepared to take it down, we can simply lift on a 3M Command fasten to recover it from a wall. In a end, you’ll have no holes on damage, that beats violence holes in your walls a approach many of us do now.

Not meddlesome in unresolved all of your photos? Flixi has a retractable mount that lets we place a support on a tough aspect as well. It comes in 3 opposite sizes – 4-by-6 inches, 5-by-7 inches, and 8-by-10 inches. If you’re prepared to revamp your interior decor, we can oath $13 on Flixi’s Kickstarter page, that will get we a 5-by-7 support of your possess by Feb 2016. Start capturing those memories!

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