Five marques in support for WEC Fan Survey recognition print finish

October 5, 2017 - photo frame

Five quintessential sportscar manufacturers are opposed for a layer of a fans’ favourite code in a FIA World Endurance Championship Survey.

After dual weeks of voting, over 40,000 WEC fans have already had their contend – with a ‘exit poll’ display that 5 marques with a sum of 43 undisguised Le Mans 24 Hours victories are in a support for a desired number-one spot.

In alphabetical order: Aston Martin, Audi, Ferrari, McLaren and Porsche are all in contention. If we haven’t had your say, click here to do so.

Three of these manufacturers already contest in a WEC – while McLaren has been strongly related with a destiny sportscar programme. In Aug this year, a arch Zak Brown affianced that it would be prepared to build and run cars in a top-level LMP1 category if destiny manners are done some-more cost-effective.

When told of McLaren’s recognition among fans, he said: “The WEC and Le Mans sojourn on a radar. But there are no definites – we are operative on plans.

“We are intent during a table, though it has to be a reasonably-budgeted racing platform, and as we showed during Indy this year, McLaren would adore to enhance a racing portfolio over what we have today.”

Have your contend in a destiny of a World Endurance Championship by completing a FIA WEC Global Fan Survey:

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