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November 3, 2014 - photo frame


Digital design frames seemed like a shining thought about 6 or 7 years ago. But a low-res screens, clunky interfaces and miss of any arrange of customary operational height left them to be a sincerely niche marketplace floundered when it arrived into a world.

Fireside is a tiny start-up that’s looking to breathe new life and ideas into this market. After dual years of development, they’ve combined a “smart” design support called SmartFrame that rethinks how photos are curated and displayed on a walls of your home.


The categorical member is a considerable Android-powered design support itself, that packs a 15-inch 1080p IPS arrangement and 64GB of peep storage to keep a good understanding of your photos and video on tap.

The second member is a concomitant app for Fireside’s SmartFrame, that allows we to seamlessly send images from your Android or iOS smartphone to SmartFrame. The support can also squeeze photos stored in a cloud.


It isn’t called “SmartFrame” usually for selling though. Beyond beautifully displaying your images, it also utilizes a metadata in your photographs to deftly arrangement where and when a photographs were taken. Say, for example, we wish to see all your photos from your Florida vacation…just form in ‘Florida’ as a keyword and SmartFrame will start to usually arrangement images taken in Florida.

The support also uses contextual computing and appurtenance training to uncover we photos that are applicable to we during any given time. If it’s a family member’s birthday, aged photos of birthdays uncover up. Anniversary photos uncover adult on anniversaries, and a support can even use a continue outward to collect photos from a identical outside feel.


With all of this record packaged into such a device, it’s not most of a warn that it costs a flattering penny to get your hands on one. Fireside is anticipating to move a SmartFrame to life a la Kickstarter, with a cheapest one entrance in during $340 if you’re quick, or $400 if we aren’t lustful of being an ‘early bird.’

The device is set to start shipping in Jun of 2015 if it reaches a $100k appropriation goal, $20k of that is already cumulative during a time of this post. To review some-more and/or secure your pledge, conduct on over to a Kickstarter campaign.

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