Final Fantasy 15 1.03 patch adds New Game +, new print frames

January 11, 2017 - photo frame

Final Fantasy 15 has perceived a betrothed Dec patch.

final_fantasy_15_holiday_dlc_plus (3)

Square Enix has expelled Final Fantasy 15 patch 1.03 for everybody earlier. The patch weighs in during 3.2GB, and includes a the betrothed holiday features.

The Holiday Pack itself isn’t out until tomorrow, though you’ll be means to use a new print frames with Prompto’s photos now. As for a a patch notes, a biggest new underline is a further of New Game + mode.

The mode is accessible to those who finished a game’s categorical story, though beware, starting a New Game + tour will overwrite your existent save (via Nova Crystallis). The mode also doesn’t offer any stretched problem options.

Finally, a Ultimate Blade will lapse to a strange power, and a Regalia will lapse to a bottom state. You’ll get to keep we items, costumes, weapons, Ascension skills, and settings.

Here’s a list of all that carries over, interjection to NeoGAF user LordKasual.

  • Your weapons, including all arminger weapons
  • All sorcery and sorcery flasks
  • All formerly skills unlocked
  • All ascent grid formerly unlocked
  • All register from NG
  • All photos, recipes and fish caught
  • Gils from NG
  • AP from NG
  • Outfits (even Kingsglaive ones)

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