Fill your support with abounding red hues for the print challenge

February 5, 2015 - photo frame

For this week’s Mashable Photo Challenge, we wish we to fill your support with red. You can browbeat your print with abounding red hues or simply use a tone in smaller ways to supplement an enterprising turn to your shot.

Jonathan Suarez, a photographer from New Jersey who has mastered a art of high contrariety and tone accenting, will be a guest host.

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Two years ago, Suarez attended his initial InstaMeet with Jose Silva, one of a prior plea hosts.

“I was unequivocally usually there for dignified support, being that we had never taken any cinema for photography purposes,” Suarez said. “I suspicion it was unequivocally cold that finish strangers got together to accommodate and fire cinema together.”

He had so most fun that day that he now fell in adore with photography and combined an Instagram account to share his work. With Silva’s assistance (and a lot of investigate and reading), Suarez schooled how to compose, fire and revise photos. Since then, he has turn an active member of a Instagram community, flourishing his possess following to scarcely 60,000 people.

“The village is by distant my favorite partial of Instagram,” Suarez said. “I’ve met some truly gifted and moving people by a app and am advantageous to have fake genuine friendships with many of them. There’s only something about being around people that share a same passion as we do.”

Suarez will select his favorite submissions early subsequent week and we will underline them on a site. To enter, share your photos by Sunday, Feb. 8 during 8 p.m. ET on Instagram or Twitter regulating a hashtag #MashPics_Red.

Photography tips from Suarez

  • When photographing a specific color, hang to strong, confidant ones that pop. Deep, jam-packed colors will make an impact.

  • Place a specific tone opposite a neutral one to mislay any competing hues that might confuse your eyes from a subject. Alternatively, make certain one specific tone dominates a shot, so that a tone of your theme matches a background.

  • I like to overshoot; some people make a mistake of not sharpened adequate and finish adult unfortunate with a results. The some-more shots we take, a some-more you’ll have to select from.

  • Shooting a theme from opposite perspectives is important. Your initial combination might not be a best; pierce around and fire opposite angles. Try sharpened your theme from behind an object, like a tree. This will supplement abyss to your shot with a tree in a forehead and your concentration indicate behind it.

  • Some photographers tend to stay divided from sharpened in oppressive or midday light. If you’re out and about in a center of a day, try under-exposing your shots. This will emanate thespian shadows ensuing in engaging images.

  • Most importantly, compensate courtesy to all around you. You’d be astounded how most we skip by not profitable attention. Take in a sights, sounds, and feel of your surroundings. Ultimately, it’ll outcome in good images.

Our Valentine’s Day-inspired #MashMeet will take place on Saturday, 1 p.m. ET during Liberty State Park. We’re bringing tons of fun (red!) props for we to sketch with: wooden frames, umbrellas, garlands, chalkboards and more.

It will be an easy approach to attend in this week’s print challenge, as good as a good possibility to accommodate and association with internal photographers. For some-more sum and to RSVP, click here.

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