Facebook’s Snapchat aspirant wants your evaporating print stories

December 5, 2014 - photo frame

Notice anything new with Slingshot recently? Well, if we haven’t used it in awhile, Facebook’s fleeting print app has gotten an overhaul. The outfit says that enlightening isn’t about what we supplement to something, though what we remove. In this update’s case, that’s clearly utterly a bit. Instead of a one-to-one photo-messaging apparatus it launched as, now Slingshot is a single-function app that’s aping maybe Snapchat’s many amicable feature, Stories. Pictures and videos we share now go into a preview grid (above left) that gives a look during all your friends’ updates concurrently — instead of Stories’ person-by-person list. Sending a print or video shave is most some-more streamlined, too, with it usually holding dual taps to go from constraint to upload. What hasn’t altered is that your captures still usually final 24 hours. Want to share your daily pics outward of Slingshot’s user-base? You can trade your calm directly to Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now as well.

A Facebook comment is compulsory to record in now too; it isn’t only an choice for anticipating friends. And, for a moment, we need to follow friends to send private responses to their uploads; original, one-to-one messages aren’t accessible as distant as we can tell. If we wish to get really crazy, we can even follow calm creators we don’t know. Slingshot doesn’t have a ability to send money to friends (yet), though if a pattern trend continues that substantially isn’t distant off. The questions that arrive with this refurbish are if anyone is indeed regulating Slingshot, and how prolonged before it goes a approach of Facebook’s other standalone apps?

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